Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disconnection or noise on the line to God

Yesterday I was in the Spirit. Hearing from heaven. It was great. Downloads from the throne. Seeing visions.

Now, don't get excited, not every vision, not every download is book of revelation stuff. Sometimes it's encouragement from Him that I need to hear. It was that.

Suddenly I was interrupted in my reverie by a phone. Cell phone. It was a friend. He was calling to talk a little politics. I shouldn't have answered it. But I did. Big mistake.

We talked for a few minutes and God hung up. No he didn't hang up. I did. I put Him on Hold.

When I came back on the line, there was lots of noise - static. It took a while to even get back to the conversation, and I never really did. It's not him. It's me. I let the cares of the world crowd him off the line.

Who knows what Father had to say? Cure for cancer, healing for the nations?

I did get this before the connection was broken:
In this time of re-ordering, of justification, the people of God will be presented with unprecedented opportunities they never had before. Whole strip malls. Vacating radio frequencies and stations for the choosing, newspapers, empty big box store buildings for almost nothing, services provided by ready armies of believers because companies no longer can or will and it will cause a revenue flow, economic small business malls that give believers the opportunity to create enterprise. The church of Jesus not just caring for the poor and underprivileged, but lifting them by vision and faith to step into a future they couldn't have dreamt about without the Spirit of God alive in their lives.

I did get this warning, this re-ordering, this adjustment, this justification will mean that many churches, many supposedly good well established churches will go away, bankrupt. Close. These are churches that were already spiritually bankrupt and already closed. The world will not miss them. The Kingdom won't miss them because they were not in the kingdom.

This will offer the last great opportunity during this time of Re-ordering. Good men and women of God will be led to acquire these empty buildings and capture the promise made by the founders sometimes a hundred years or more before. It will cause Life in God to come back into these empty places. New people will be brought into the kingdom.

This re-ordering is important. It's time. Kairos time.

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