Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The spirit of Korah will destroy a Church

I became impressed to expose the sin of Korah for what it is. Many teachers will tell you it was ambition. Or rebellion.

All that is true. But what is the spirit behind the sin of Korah? It is denial of God's gifts among the people of God. It's a refusal to accept and embrace those who bring what God wants to send.

Like the Pharisees of Jesus day, the Korah spirit tries to kill and silence the gifts of God in the church. They do it thru tradition. They do it thru structure. They do it by denomination. They do it by theologies that deny God's ability to ordain certain people to do what he calls them to do.

It begins by people saying, what does he or she have that I don't have spiritually. Since they come up short, they deny that the person God has ordained is bringing something new and fresh.

"I can do that", they say. Or, as a freind of mine said, "we are all called of God". Yes, and NO. Korah was called of God, to support Moses. But he believed that he was called, destined to be more.

The Korah spirit led 15,000 to their deaths. The Korah spirit is leading many in the church today to their spiritual deaths. A lack of recognition of the gifts of God in the church of Jesus causes a spiritual castration to take place. It will look like church, but something is missing.

And when the time for multiplication comes, it will be impotent. I don't often say this, but this IS the Word of the Lord.

"Stop the neutering the Body of Christ with the spirit of Korah. Remove the Korahs from your midst and silence them. They will destroy many leading them into the pit".


Anonymous said...

Do what I did. Just walk away.
The battle's not yours.
Sometimes by fighting a fight you can't win, you're telling God you don't trust Him enough to take care of it.
OT stuff.
But you knew that.
For this season, be an encourager. Your reward is in that. Leave the Pharisees to devour themselves. God will always have His way.

LadyCherise said...