Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Life is Like when GOD puts his Crosshairs on YOU

In April of 2005 God thru his prophet Kim Clement proclaimed that his sights were on two people. Rappers.

Fifty Cent and Eminem. I know if you read this blog you will think that this is strange to bring up. Where's the prophetic you ask? It's just been amazing to me to watch this all happen. When God announces that he has targeted a specific person, as he did in the case of King Nebuchadnezzar, he will turn your life upside down and all around to bring you to himself and to glorify his name among the people.

I happened to see this article today.
God's hand is all over this mans life. And Fifty's.

Fifty and Eminem will either respond to his voice and bow the knee or HE will take them out.

Either way they will bow the knee.

Isn't it all so amazing how God will use a public platform a man has to bring people to himself.

Maybe that's how he will use Barack Obama. I'm praying for him. I don't YET have a word about him in this regard. My flesh is still in the way. But, it's just like the father to bring a man of influence to the place where he publicly declares the truth of God and his absolute sovereignty. Full of the Holy Ghost and power he would rule Righteously. I pray.

One other thing, the KORN part of the Prophecy from Prophet Clement has already taken place. The man so identified has become a voice for Jesus. Isn't Jesus amazing?

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