Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chronos and Karios in Prophecy

I can't define how others prophesy. I do know that when I read the OT prophets I often see layers and layers of prophetic application. Particularly when it has to do with Messianic Prophecy.

I know that sometimes when I am given a word from God it becomes time determinate. I won't spend any time trying to give examples, but it has happened several times. It has happened when I have received a picture and a timetable. A year ago the Lord told me of something that would happen the middle of March and last 6 weeks. It did. Once when I was warned of a man in ministry who was out of line with God I prophesied to him that his ministry would die in less than 60 days. It did. Once when a friend of mine was at short ends financially, the Lord showed me that he would come into a new job and a new venture in a week. He did. I received a prophecy in January of last year that I didn't understand where the prophet prophesying over me told me something that would happen in less than a year. It did. A friend of mine was prophesied that he would receive a new house in a few weeks (by the same prophet). He did.

So, I love prophesies that have time in them. They are great for people of little faith. Even for me. On the other hand, God doesn't use his prophets to prophesy Chronos time Prophecies as often as he does, Kairos timing Prophecies. Kairos is in the fullness of time.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know the difference, there is a good explanation of both there. Read it and you will grasp the difference.

The Bible is Packed with Kairos Prophecies. Not many Chronos Prophecies. When Jesus was born it was in the fullness of time. Karios

Most prophecies I get are chronological but Kairos. What I mean is, first this must happen, then that, than this, than that etc. How long this will take for the prophecies to be fulfiled in full I have no idea. I just know that this must happen first and then this is second. It's part of the reason why God gives me insight into what is going to happen in certain economic things. I can tell you what, just not when. I believe this is a protection for me. If he gave me when I might use it to enrich myself. I have learned that knowing what is all I need. I have stopped giving a time unless I am instructed to do so. I'm mostly NOT instructed to do so.

That's the way God is giving me an opening as I seek him for a glimpse of the earthshaking events about to take place in the world in the economy, the Church and in our culture. I am asking the Lord for wisdom and understanding to encourage his church in these things. We must use prophecy for the purpose God gives it, to encourage, to edify, to build up.

Not to create fear and despair.

Even Paul when Agabus prophesied his bondage was not despairing of it. He looked forward. So should we all.

The ultimate Prophecy regarding the return of Jesus is a Kairos Prophecy of the first order. He won't return until "These things be". When? All the prophets in the world don't know and won't know. Soon. How soon. Every one who had to this date fixed a time has been made a fool. I know when a prophecy is Kairos and when it is Chronos. I will provide what the Lord gives me and not what man demands that may not be what the Lord intends.

I hope this helps. We are going to need the prophetic word of victory now more than ever. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.

If you don't believe in me as a prophet, go find one you can believe in. I'm not offended. But, test him or her. Measure. Judge. Does what they say line up with the word of God or not? Start there, you'll never go wrong. You WILL need a Rhema fresh word from God. He will use the most crude, rude and unqualified apparently to deliver it to you. He does that so you are not enamored with the prophet but rather the Word he brings. Believe me, the prophet God uses is not going to at all like you think he will be. I know several true proven prophets of God. They are to a man and woman not qualified as a man would qualify. But GOD......

God uses offense to reveal the heart. That was Naaman's problem with Elijah.

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