Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Prophets see the Future

Prophets see the future as a 2-D. We see mountains as if they were one. We are able to tell you what will happen first, then next and then after that what will happen. But we see it as one picture. I have come to the conclusion that putting a time line on a prophetic utterance is not good prophecy.

I have found my prophetic utterances to be accurate, just not timely. I have to learn to understand the time line.


Ron McK said...

Its good to be honest, but your conclusion is not quite right. There are two situations in the scriptures.
1) Some prophecies are conditional, so there is no time attached to them.
2)In other situations God is very precise about time.
Therefore we cannot just give up on timing. We actually need to do better on timing.

When a revelation comes, the prophetic person should ask four questions.
1) When is the revelation to be communicated?
2) How is to be communicated?
3) Is it conditional or does it have a specific timing?
4) What is the timing ?
The need for question 4 depends on the answer to question 3.

The reality is that we do not have a full revelation until we have the answers to all these questions. People get so excited about getting a revelation that they do not press in and get the rest. They stop before they have the lot.

Gene said...

Ron, Some of what you say is true. Sometimes, frankly not often, a prophet does get a timetable of prophetic fulfilment.

Sometimes it is not in God's purpose to give a prophet the timing.

My prophetic experience has been that most of the time I get it without a clock. If I get a clock I share it.

Most of the Old Testament Prophets prophesied without a clock. They saw things in a two dimensional framework. Sequential, but not timed.

I won't list them all, but I believe you don't need instruction on who they are. Isaiah, Ezekiel, and many of the prophetic Psalms were without a timetable.

Yes, Jeremiah did say how long Israel would stay in Babylon. But, most of the Messianic prophesies were without a clock.

I do what I am asked to do,if I get a time,I will give it. I did last year and it happened on schedule. But,I am learning to discern. I will not put a timetable on it unless I am told to.

Ron McK said...

I have problem if the Lord says that he is not giving a timetable. My problem is that too many Christians never ask, so they never know.

Anonymous said...

It is like the fortune cookie. "Good things will come your way." If the person looking for a job gets it, they can feel upbeat at their next interview and therefore get the job. It the person expecting a mail order package gets it, they can say it came true when the package came the next day and therefore be even more excited and ready to love the product. If nothing but bad things comes to the person who gets it, they can say the time was not right and the first time something good DOES roll around, they can say "See! It DID come true." But in reality it was nothing to do with actual fortune telling, but all to do with fitting the vague prophesy into what actually happens. To attribute this vagueness to God is just plain, well, silly.