Friday, February 27, 2009

A Call to Careless Living

Last night we heard Pastor Brad talk of not caring. That we must cast our cares on Jesus. He cares for you. You are to live Careless.....Consider the birds of the air, not sowing not reaping. Provided for.

Brenda Craig has a great thought today that goes with it:

Beloved, never be afraid or concerned. Don’t count yourself as unworthy, nor figure someone else will do it. If all is left to what you consider to be Super-Christians, much will be left undone. I desire you and the fulfillment of all I call you to be in the earth.

Therefore, breezes of My presence have come and will continue to come to expose and blow away all chaff in this day among My beloved ones and this includes you. I am blowing the dust away and clearing the air with new winds of restoration and change.

This is your day of visitation and you have already come farther than you know. In order for you to see enough and enable you to come up here with Me, I must not push or exert My wind against your back but come around about and meet you face to face. Lift your face; lift your heart to the mountains from whence your help comes. Your help comes from Me. The wind is blowing.

It is a new day and those with their faces set like flint and turned into the wind will hear the voice of Holy Spirit saying, “Turn right, turn left.” The nuances of My presence and diversity of gifts have become and will continue to become manifest (Isaiah 50:7). Without revelation you perish. Turn your face into My wind; I have set vision before you this day.

For, there is no other who can do what you do in the way you do it. You see, Beloved, you are indeed a piece of My DNA—an expression of My heart no one else will ever be able to duplicate. You are truly one of a kind—the rarest of all gems fashioned to radiate a unique matchless demonstration of My heart. Yes, you must rise and face the wind and it will surround you, carry you, advance you and propel you into the manifestation of all vision
This may not be the year of living dangerously, but it may be the year of living carelessly.

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