Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why the Prophetic is so critical in this time (updated)

People are going to go thru hard times. People will become discouraged. Some will despair.

It will seem hopeless. They will need ministry. Proper ministry.

  • Teaching them 5 ways to keep up your attitude won't help.
  • Telling them that you feel sorry for them and crying with them won't heal their broken spirit.
  • Instructing them, even commanding them to not feel that way won't change how they feel.
  • Telling them that they need to get saved (again) won't mend the brokenness they feel.
You will see that the above are four of the Five Ministry gifts, Teacher, Pastor, Apostle and Evangelist. Each of the four gifts have a purpose. What's missing is hope.

Hope comes from promise. Promise comes from the prophetic word of God. A prophet will provide promise and hope from God. Christian communities who fail to embrace and engage the prophetic with their people will fail their people.

The prophet must be heard or people's hearts will fail them for fear. Nothing else will do.

Ron McKenzie wrote Advice to a Prophet today. It's good, and I invite you to read my supplemental comments. We need to learn to understand and embrace this gift, especially NOW!

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