Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Becoming a Fresh Manna Aficionado

The manna in the desert was only good for the day (except on the sabbath). If you tried to hold it over or store it up it would rot.

We need to have fresh manna every day to stay healthy. Eating rotten manna will make us sick and disgust us. There is no substitute.

I have a sense that God is calling his people back to a place of daily dependence on him so we learn to discern, even enjoy only fresh manna. We are to become Manna connoisseurs. Aficionados.

When we pray, "Give us this day our daily bread" it will become real. Not a 401K but a Psalms 40:1 from the King of Kings. We will need to hear from God daily with a fresh word of encouragement and hope. Each man and woman will be responsible for gathering. The manna will be free but you will have to go out to the place where it is.

The manna is the word of God spoken and alive in our hearts to offer us another day of hope. If we try to live and prosper on yesterday's word we will find it bitter and spoiled. Find Manna.

It's all around us. And it's free. It will sustain you. Without it you will starve and die.

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