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A Prophecy by Joni Ames regarding our Economy

Jan 31 2009 12:00AM
by Joni Ames

Dear Friends,
As most of you know, the Lord spoke to me over a year ago that some seriously hard times were about to come on the world. He said that it was important for us to downsize our financial obligations, to be in the proper geographical location that He had for us to be, and to be near family so that we would be able help one another. Therefore, in Feburary of last year (2008), I moved to West Virginia to be near my daughter and grandbabies.

This year and last, I've continued to say this, as well as have been spreading the word as I travel that, in these tough economic times, one of the things the Lord is going to teach us to do is to pool our resources. Many families and/or friends may need to move in together in order to make ends meet. In that, we will have to learn how to get along, for sure!

I believe the Lord gave me an understanding as well that we are in a time similar to when Daniel interpreted the dream for the King and let him know that hard times were ahead. Again, I've had the same sensing for the world, only stronger.
I feel at this time that from now through Spring time will again be a "kairos window of opportunity" for many to get into position. Do not get lulled into a financial sense of security at ANY time with ANY thing. Be SMART. Now would not be a time to LIVE LARGE, unless you just want to have that experience as a memory for the days to come. Now would be the time to put yourself into position to be secure for the next seven to ten years.

I feel that great unrest is ahead for America, and we need to get back to the basics, even in the Church, or this nation as we have known it will no longer exist.

For years, even since I was a child, I've had dreams that America was no longer a large, free, and prosperous nation. Then when I saw the movie, "The Postman" with Kevin Conner, it was like seeing all of those dreams on the screen. However, it was a prophetic picture as to how God will use the Church in days ahead. - As a "postman" with messages of hope for others. And those messages of hope would cause her to, once again, become a great nation.

For the past two years, I've had the term, "Boston Tea Party" spring up in my spirit. In that, I've had a sensing that, just as the Boston Tea Party of 1773 ignited the series of events leading to American independence, so God is calling forth the Church in this time to do exactly that once again. The Church of America WILL be the catalyst for this. First will come revolution and then reconstruction. Because of all the "bail outs" and "friendly fire" against America by those Her people have trusted in and supported, we are about to see a revolution of awakening in America that will make the Boston Tea Party look like a siesta.

I believe the book of Hebrews is important for us in these times. Truly, like a tea bag steeped in boiling water, the Church WILL arise in this time to be the Church that HE BREWS! - And we will be a sweet smelling savor and taste to those who truly desire Hope and Freedom. - And even as it says in Romans 8 - the very earth itself is groaning for the Sons (& Daughters) of God to take their rightful seat of authority in the Earth!

There is warning here. We must not allow the enemy to cause us to conquer ourselves through the use of violence or mayhem, but to do things decently and in order, and thus be used to bring chaos into captivity.

We must seek God and change our own mindsets and lives. Additionally, the Government has refused to stay out of our business, so why should we stay out of theirs? David didn't. Realize that, just as David was used as prophet, priest, and King, there are many Christians God has called "for such a time as this" to arise into government. Back them. Encourage them. Support them, even financially. Attend your local and regional government meetings. Question legislation. Hound your lesiglators. And pray for them.

I encourage you to go to the Intercessors for America website at and download their prayer guides. They are a great help in providing guidelines to pray for those in government as directed by God in 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

I also encourage you to get Josh McDowell's book called "The Last Christian Generation." It will cause you to see where America is at. We must have rapid divine intervention.

Additionally, the Church is going to have to stop trying to be a circus, where "in this corner" is this or that new fad or supposed manifestation, and they will need to learn to be Jesus to the lost, hurting, and needy. Jesus said that what we do to the least, we do to Him, and describes TRUE ministry in Matthew 31. This chapter is so rich for this particular time! In it, Jesus talks about how we are to (1) be like the Wise Virgins and get our own oil, (2) USE our talents, NOT hide them, and (3) He reminds us that TRUE ministry is to give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, help to house those who need it, give clothes those who need that, and visit those who are sick or in prison.

One of the reasons Soddom was destroyed was pride, and another was for ignoring the plight of the poor and needy, even though they had plenty: "Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy." (Ezekiel 16:49)
We are at a serious crossroads in America. We must wake up and do as they used to say in the church, "Take hold of the horns of the altar!" - In other words, get hold of God, hang on, do NOT let go, pray this through, and DO what we are called to do in this hour!

Our God has need of YOU! In Eph. 4:16 it says that when every part of the Body does it's share, it causes growth in the Body. It's time! Time for us all to awake, arise, and do our share!

Don't let anything start stopping you, for it will never stop stopping you!

"Rise! Shine! Your light has come! And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Although gross darkness covers the earth, HIS light and HIS glory will rise and shine upon YOU!!! (Is. 60:1 & 2)

Lord, help us to keep focused on You and walking in Your Truth and Light. We love You, Lord. Send your Holy Angels to surround and protect us, our families, and our Nation in this time. Empower and cause us to arise and take back the Land! In Jesus' name, Amen
- Joni Ames

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