Monday, February 23, 2009

Hearing from God - Just YOU and HIM

I was sitting with a dear Pastor friend of mine. I love this man. He has been told by God to go away to get something from the Throne. For several weeks. Alone. Hearing.

I've done this. I do this. Think it's critical. It's solitary. It's hard to hear from God without a silence.

I humbly made the suggestion that he go apart with just a couple gallons of water and a notebook. Then sit and wait for God to speak. He will.

I suggested he not even take his Bible. He is my senior in age and maturity. He has forgotten more about Jesus than I'll ever know. His reaction was that he wouldn't go anywhere without his Bible. I know what he means. I understand.

Sometimes God wants nothing but spirit to Spirit contact. Yes, his word is his Spirit in many ways. Still, in hearing from God, sometimes even having something to read, something to refer to, something to study can cause us to crowd out what the Lord is saying Spirit to spirit in the silence. Sometimes the very book itself can become a prop instead of a sword.

When we go into the bridegroom's bedchamber and he whispers in our ear the word we need to hear we may have to leave our sword just outside the door. We know it's Him because we have studied Him. We know his voice. We have heard him say these things to us before in his love letters. Now, we wait, we listen. We lay our head on His chest and hear the thump thump thump of his heart. Right then, in the quiet, is not the place to read or study. It's the place to remember and write down every precious word of Love the Bridegroom whispers in our ear. It takes quiet to hear him. Silence. You can hear Him breath. Ruauch. Still small and yet mighty wind

That's the point.... Psalm 119:11
"Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You".

It does not say, "thy word will I carry along with you in a big black book when I come to meet with you". Sometimes he wants just YOU and HIM. That's all. In the quiet. In the Secret place. He's whispering. Can you hear Him? Behind the lattice. He's looking at you. Gazing. Can you feel his gaze? Quiet now... He comes to you.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN my brother. If we are to know Him it must be spirit to spirit.