Monday, February 9, 2009


This morning I got a picture of how as Christians we are to be carriers of Jesus like sometimes we are of the common cold.

Some people we come in contact with because of their circumstances are more susceptible than others to catching it. They have to be in a condition that is receptive and perhaps not as resistant as others.

On the other hand, there are people who grew up in the church who won't hear about Jesus because they have been inoculated. That's a Hebrews 6 condition and is nearly always eternally fatal.

The Jesus virus is unusual because instead of causing sickness and death it brings health, life and well being.

It's the best thing in the world you can pass on. Some churches are places where a full fledged contagion could take place if we could overcome some of the long term resistance to the virus. If a real infection took place it would become a new living Church. Some people use masks to keep from catching Jesus in the church. It prevents them from contagion. They stay asleep in the light and still dead in their sins. Untouched by the virus.

I have been accused of trying to fundamentally change the churches I attend. To make them more like the Church I want to see. OK. Guilty as charged. I'm a carrier. I'm virus laden. If I hang around very long you can count on catching the virus. I hope you do.

We were sent out into the world to be carriers, to infect the world, our families, our churches, our friendships, our communities.

The world is dying and we carry the virus that cures the disease. Let's spread it around. Sneeze Jesus on the world around you. They need to be infected so they can live. It's an upside down kingdom and an upside down virus. One that when they catch it, they get better. I'm for that. So's Jesus, I asked him this morning and he said YES.

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