Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not Hearing From God even when you ASK

I had one of those subjective prophetic moments this week. A man I know is going thru some hard times. I have been where he is now. He asked my experience and opinion. I gave him good counsel. Not based on what I know, based on what I have lived.

Anvil of Experience type of information.

He sat, talked, listened a little, filtered it, didn't measure it and then decided to go his own way.

His life is a mess. I wanted to help him. The information was accurate and would be helpful if he decided to use it. I had his best interests at heart.

Yet, he ignored it, he didn't hear what I had to say. He is a very proud man and some of what I advised him to do would have required that he reposition himself to survive.

So, he will once more go down the drain. His family will suffer. He will feel victimized. He will blame government and everyone else. The truth is his troubles are all because of bad choices he keeps making. Like we all have.

Now, it's over.

I hear the Lord say, " I have your best interests at heart, I have experienced everything you have, I know pain, if you lack wisdom I will give it to you when you ask, If you will stop telling me what to do I will be your counselor."

Yet all we like sheep have gone astray, everyone his own way.

We need to heed his voice and we would prosper - If we could get past our pride.


Anonymous said...

Seek The face before you seek The hand. Too many dont get that. Just that one sentence explains too much.

Anonymous said...

And many will cry Lord, Lord and He will say, I never knew you...
"Knew" - Yada/Ginosko INTIMACY...
Into ME-My way of doing and being right..."
And Jesus wept and said, "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Oh Church, Church - or better yet- put YOUR NAME there!) how often I would have gathered you as Mother Hen gathers her chicks under her wing, but you WOULD NOT."

Psa. 91:1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed and protected under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].

Psa 91:2 And I will say of the Lord, You are my Refuge and my Fortress, my Defense, my Safety net, my Castle, my God; on You I lean and rely, and in You I [confidently] trust!

Psa 91:3 For [then] YOU Father God will deliver us from the snare and entanglement of the fowler and from the deadly, destroying, rushing pestilence, that desires to ruin, and bring wicked calamity.

Psa 91:4 [Then] YOU Father God will entwine and join together to cover and defend us with your pinions, and under Your overspreading wings shall we trust and find refuge, have hope and confide in you; Your truth and Your faithfulness are a shield and a buckler to us.