Friday, February 20, 2009

Dancing as a Bride with her Bridegroom

Kelly has written one of the most beautiful images of passion in Jesus. She is a gifted artist. When I read this I wept. It touched me deeply. She writes at a level of intimacy I know, but don't live in as much as I want to. The world and my fleshly rebellion keeps me from going there sometimes. I want to be THERE. I will go anywhere to get THERE. There is in the heart place. The spirit and truth place. The reality of Jesus place. Take me there - into the holy of holies.

Kelly writes:

There I was, entering His presence with a song of my own, from deep in my spirit. Such a sweet presence of God. But still not all the way where I wanted to be. Deeper, deeper still.

Then the pastor said, "I see a vision. The Lord wants to dance with us". (I know her pastor, Barbra Yoder.)

Still a sweet presence, going ever deeper. Then we got the banners. So hard to wave with the presence of the King descending or arising, which ever, just permeating. Perhaps that is a better description, permeate. Within, without. The silk whispers over my face as I move slower and slower singing to him my song. Then I go into a vision.

I was on a dance floor and it was all dark except the spot light. Me the bride perfect in white with sequins and lace. And the groom. Does he ever cease to be the bridegroom? Our husbands become naturally commonplace yet loved in real life, do we do this with the Lord? Yet is it His portion to ever be the bridegroom with the excitement of a new union.

We dance and He is so fine. I sense I can see his face if I looked. I was shy, almost afraid to look. Because if I looked into His eyes I would be undone. It was so clear, one of the clearest of visions. Here I was face to face with Him and I was afraid to look. I could feel Him looking at me as we danced. Perfectly led. In perfect balance and He was looking at me and said “Look into my eyes”.

I could not, I would be undone! But isn’t that what we seek? What we pray for? To see his face? Show me your face Lord we cry and here I was, able to see His face and afraid to look. Yet I did. I did melt and He never missed a beat and I sung to Him looking into His eyes. Oh the smile of God. Overwhelming pleasure. So holy.

He began to speak to me and said, you have me and I have you. I began to understand that He is affected the same way by us as we are by Him. God! Oh that we would overwhelm Him! He spoke to me about how we are all individuals made uniquely, not one the same. Our voices each made with a frequency of it’s own. Our song, our song touched Him, overwhelms Him like no one other song does. He needs our song. Our love and longs for our voice as we long for His.

At this moment in time I completely understood the synergy of God and man. His need and our need. I could not comprehend God needing me, wanting me. I had really thought it was just a figure of speech but as I was before Him, I knew. I shook Him like He shook me. I was undone.

Can you imagine, the God of this universe, He who is who was who is to be desires us so. I knew this we a modicum of head knowledge but tonight it went so deep into me I went where I had not gone before.

Each of us has our own frequency of voice, of tone, of love song. And He desires this song to be complete. Yet He is all in all, complete within Himself. I am undone.
Unless you know what there looks and feels like, unless you have experienced God at this level, it's hard to take people THERE. You can't impart what you don't posses. You can't give away what you haven't yet received. My prayer today is that every person who reads this will ask the Bridegroom to come and romance their heart until they are undone. To surrender to Him.

Only then can true worship be released. Take me there.....

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The first thing that came to my heart was this (Im sure we've all seen this):

never gets old

Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance - Mr Miyagi