Sunday, August 22, 2010

The year of TEN has meant a year of new Instruction. New Commands.

Eleven Months ago I was given a word for the new year 5770 that began on Sept 21. The Hebraic year. You can read it here.

What strikes me is this has come to pass. We are living under a set of new instructions. It is apparent that the old instructions no longer hold up. Business as usual in the church and in ministry is brought into question and being revised.

It means we will now discover what the plan is and walk in it.

Just like the Children of Israel did as Sinai.

Let us go forward and leave Korah and his false misleading.

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Anonymous said...

God can speaks in numbers,,,yes!!! once i recieved a number in a dream, i kept asking other prophetics concerning it, even blogged it and got some people mad, as they thought a word would not come in a number, then a unknown prophet guy got mad at me for questioning so much and gave me the he was right on....thanks for posting this and guts to do it...i will read it again!!! i just relate and speaks a re- awakening of a number word of past........

denise g.