Thursday, August 19, 2010

The End of the Old Ways by Jeffrey Stewart

I read and take in what Jeffrey Stewart writes. It's all good, but THIS WORD is strong and resonates with what I am sensing. The judgment of God is coming down on a corrupt system. The new will be MUCH better. Get on board, the Train is leaving the station.

The Traditions of man in the Church are about to pass away. The enemy has used tradition to keep God's children from knowing what the Lord purchased for them on the Cross. We are Sons and Daughters of the living God. But the traditions of men cause us to walk about as religious men and not Sons and Daughters of God. If we think like mere men, we will act like mere men. If we think like mere men, we will pray like mere men. Paul asks the Corinthian church in I Cor 3:3,4 - If you are acting so and so, ARE YOU NOT ACTING LIKE MERE MEN? We are the Sons and Daughters of the most High God yet we pray small prayers to a small God because that is how were taught by tradition. OUR GOD RAISES THE DEAD. Has that been taught in Church lately? Yet that is EXACTLY how He wants us to walk and talk, because that is how Jesus walked and talked. Jesus' Father is our Father. Jesus is our brother. Yet we are not taught about such things as raising the dead, because we have not been taught who we are. ALL THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

During the dark ages, Catholic priests would keep the Bible locked up in churches and only pull them out during Catholic Mass once a week. They were translated into Latin, a language only the most learned of the time understood. So the common man had no real access to read the Word for himself. The enemy has tried for years to keep the Word out of the hands of the common man. His most clever effort to date has been to use pastors with a lukewarm walk with God to read a verse or too and preach a watered down pop psychology sermon, so the congregation lives under the mistaken impression that it has actually heard the Word preached. And the enemy uses TV preachers in much the same way. AS OF THIS DAY, THIS DEMONIC STRATEGY IS DESTROYED says the Lord.

He is changing everything. Ministry is going to be very different than it is now. We must not think of it as we have in the past. The entire Protestant Reformation was triggered by a SINGLE revelation - that we can be saved by faith. He is now literally flooding us with revelation after revelation designed to FULLY AWAKEN HIS BRIDE and TRANSFORM US INTO WALKING JUST AS JESUS WALKED.

This is not a new move as some think of moves. This is the manifestation of Heaven in the earth realm. Inside His Church it will be "on earth as it is in Heaven" in answer to Jesus prayer. You have never, ever seen anything like it. You may have seen small glimpses of it. Heaven is about to invade the earth realm, just like what occurred on D-Day. People will be RUNNING INTO CHURCHES TO GET SAVED because His Glory will be in the streets. We will no longer be ministering as religious men, praying small prayers, reaching up to heaven from earth, we will be ministering as SONS OF GOD from our seats in Heaven TO the earth (we are already seated with Him in the heavenly realms) We will be RELEASING HEAVEN into earth, walking in the true authority He gave us as heavenly royalty. We have known for quite a while how to walk as Priests but not as Kings. That will change. We will walk with an awareness of Heaven while walking on earth, and minister by doing what WE SEE HIM DOING - just as Jesus ministered. Everyone on earth will know that God is God and that Jesus died for them, and all who want to be saved WILL BE SAVED.

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Margaret said...

AMEN! Let this be so, Lord Jesus.