Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter to My church Edited by lyn grainger

My Bride, the one I love - listen to Me and see what is happening to you. Some of you are growing and sanctifying yourselves to learn the New Wine way of the Lord. This is a completely different way of thinking, feeling, knowing Me or knowing what I do. I am not a God that needs to conform to man, you are people that need to see Me and not limit what I can do, what I will do or even how I will do it. I AM God and you are MY creation. The ways of God are far more than you will ever comprehend. You can discern the spiritual, but man's mind will never fathom the depths and ways of God. I AM God and there is none like Me on this earth or under this earth. Satan is a created angel and not equal with God. Turn your eyes away from him and look at what I AM doing in you. Some of you are spending all your time fighting satan, I defeated him at Calvary. Instead look at the mustard seed of faith within you and use it to redeem what is mine. Stretch your faith, grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, redeem the time wisely and look not at your way. Submit all to Me

Rom 12: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Place your lives upon the altar and see what God will do through a willing consecrated soul.

The churches that have rituals and have a set way of having “church”, this New Wine is for you to change to become more like Me and not like man's ways. A cloud is coming on this earth, that will forever change how a christian is looked upon by natural man. The persecuted church cries out for revival and for lukewarm churches to become hot. The passion in their hearts, beyond any worldly matters, is for souls to be saved, even though it may cost them their lives and worldly goods.

The programs and agendas are replacing that in some churches. Let the Holy Spirit into your churches, give Him the church and let Him do His work in it. He will teach you what you may keep and what you must leave behind. The world is changing and My people must cling to the good and walk into the New Wine of the Holy Spirit. Souls must be a priority in your lives. I came to seek and save the lost. You are My ambassadors, given the great commission of reaching the lost. The time is short and there will come a time when no one can work. Make use of the time and redeem the time wisely. The wise virgins gathered extra oil for their lamps, the Holy Spirit is flowing without measure now. See this as a time to empty yourselves and allow Me to fill you with the anointing oil. Seek God for your ministries and walk in them. The Body is coming together as distance is now no barrier to you. The 'last days' are upon you and you must allow Me to prepare you for what is ahead. I AM alpha and omega, the Beginning and the End, I see everything. The great plan I have for you will unfold, if you submit all into My hand. Do you not see it, I AM creating a new thing, the former is past and the New Wine is flowing. New Wine cannot go into old wine skins, it will crack and the New Wine shall be lost. Submit yourselves to be changed that New Wine will flow into the old ways and bring about a glorious change.

The spiritual Wine within will flow to others in a new way. As with the ministry of Jesus, so shall you be. He demonstrated the Heart of God, the Power of God and the teaching of God when He was on this earth. So shall you. You will be ambassadors of My love and have My heart for people. Miracles, signs and wonders shall come from the throne room to earth in ever increasing ways. The Name of God shall no longer be a swear word but equated with Power, Majesty and Glory from on High. So shall it be, I have decreed that all shall be fulfilled from the smallest prophecy to the greatest, all will be completed. Observe what I am doing around this planet, see Me as high and lifted up, not as a king but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Greater than anything made that was made. Do not limit Me in your lives, or tell Me how things will be done. That is manipulation. I AM God and I AM working to My Plan and Purposes. John 4:23 Bow down and worship Me in spirit and in truth for such the Father is seeking to worship Him.

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