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The Following is a prophetic review by Denise Gansmann. She carries an anointing for Prophetic insight. I quote her often. Not presumptions. Very humble. Not sophisticated. JUST ANOINTED. She wrote me about this a few days ago and I thought it was worthy of reprint. Denise, I made paragraphs and such. I think she has hit on something. Did Nahum see our day? Are we repeating history?

Who were these mysterious minor prophets?

Nahum actually only prophesied a few pages but his visions are powerful, his prophesying deep. Nahum was also a prophet of comfort and was greatly influenced by his major prophet Isaiah as he quotes from his writing in 1:5 and flows under his prophetic guidance in the word. In the time of Nahums prophesying Judah was experiencing political, economic, spiritual reversal.

His powerful visions of the city prophesies explode with "woe to the bloody city full of lies and robbery. THE CHARIOTS SHALL RAGE IN THE CITY, they shall jostle one another in the broad ways, they seem like torches, run like lightnings". Nahum was prophesying about the violence of the city and their impending destruction. Some of there judgements on the city was because they were brutally violent, had hunger for power domination, dishonest trade, and merciless martial practices. God was choosing to destroy the force of the chaos with idea of a new freedom. On further look on his prophesying was was he prophesying about future Nineveh's also?? How about ch.2:4_ THE CHARIOTS SHALL RAGE IN THE STREETS, jostling in the broad ways, running like lightnings, was he foreseeing uprising of street violence, drive by shootings in cars? the chariots, was Nahum foreseeing in vision future violence uprisings and trying to warn us?

Chicago has seen a rage of violence in 2 months now, the national guard has been called in to try to get a hold on things. Homicide files of Los Angeles state a rise in gang violence this summer in such a short time. Mexico travel warnings of violence increases. Canada 400 arrested for violent protest in June 2010. In Calif. NY times says gun violence is up city wide. Is this the chariots raging in the street with lightnings gunfire in Nahum?

Nahum also speaks of visions of God in nature. He speaks of hurricane seasons, God in the whirlwind, (tsunami's)? Dried up rivers of drought, flooding; in Nahum 1:5 he mentions mountains that shake and hills melt,( earthquakes, volcanoes), I say we have experienced this hour of Nahum's visions.

Further in Nahum 3: 13 , "Behold thy people in the midst of thee are women, the gates of the city are open to thy land." in America's men have become like women, cross dressers and un-natural immorality, no longer taking God given positions, women trying to run husbands trying to be like men (feminism)? Our borders undefended from terrorist groups in the cities. (911)? Is this all a coincidence or was the minor prophet Nahum foreseeing some major condition in the Nineveh's of the future.........

Like Chicago or LA

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