Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Call - The Last Who Will Be Saved

This is the story of the Last person on the planet to be saved. It is a girl barely 19 years old. She went off to college and was in her second year, a sophomore when the country instituted Martial Law. Things were really bad.

There were no public gatherings allowed. Churches were closed. All phone conversations were being monitored and any talks of Jesus or insurrections against the Government were quickly acted upon.

Then in the fall it was announced over the loud speakers that everyone was to go home and the college was closed until order was restored. Plagues and viruses were sweeping the country. Micro-meteors were breaking through our atmosphere at an alarming rate bringing with them poisons dispersed through the world.

Fear and civil unrest was on the rise. People were starting to break into grocery stores and take every non-perishable item on the shelves. Events were happening at an alarming rate.

Now this girl, will call her Connie, close but not her real name, because I saw her in dreams and visions in 1981. Connie is one of the Most Unique people on the earth. She is the last. The last person on the planet who will ever be baptized, or hear the Gospel, or confess that she is a sinner.

There is a group that call themselves “The Elect”. They prowl a certain smaller town or city. And one of them spots Connie. After a group of soldiers has their way she jumps from the truck and flees into a small park. The soldiers start to pursue but their sergeant says no because their shift is almost over. And I can hear them laughing and telling her that they will catch her tomorrow and they can play again.

The Elect are not without some technology of their own. They have portable IR and thermal cameras. So they quietly come out of their concealment in alcoves and rooftops, sore footed and quick to avoid the traffic and surveillance cameras of the city. Deep in the woods, and trying to hide under a bed of leaves in the hollow of a fallen tree they approach.

Connie hears a twig break. Fear catches her breath in her throat. Constant pains from the beatings, bruises and rape have left her numb. They send a woman ahead to try and coax her out. Finally they convince her that this group will not harm her.

Connie is scanned for an implant and there is NONE. So they talk and find out that her parents were Christians, she was off to college and trying to get home to the next town over. Then she learns the truth. The entire town refused martial law and was bombed and set on fire. Nobody survived.

Connie is then told that they have a safe place for her but if she comes with them she cannot leave for fear of discovery. With the promise of food, shelter, safety, and clean clothes, she agrees to go with them.

All of Connie’s self esteem and ego have all but been stripped away. The first thing on arrival is they give her a hot bowl of stew and some fresh baked bread. Even though she is starved she can only eat half.

Then the Elders talk to her about Jesus Christ and what has happened to the world and why all of this is going on. After witnessing the Gospel she receives Jesus Christ. So Connie is led to a bathroom, given clean clothes, told to wash and come out.

More and more of “The Elect” are drawn into the common area. There is a tension in the air as they uncover the baptismal pool that is built into the floor. Finally, Connie comes out, wrapped in her way too big robe carrying the new dress over her arm.

She is asked if she would like to be baptized. She agrees and immediately takes off her robe. Some people gasp, not at her nakedness, not at her beauty, not at her slim lithe body, but at her destruction. Starvation had eaten away her body and she was covered in bruises from fists and rifle butts. She looked like a victim of concentration camps of old Germany.

Then the women told the men to turn around and give her room. Let this child receive her Baptism. So she made her way to the pool. Made her confession that she was a sinner and formally accepted Jesus Christ as her savior, naked and beaten.

When she came up out of the water, every bruise and all damage done to that frail body was instantly restored. Light filled the water, then there was a CRACK of lightning, and everyone disappeared.

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