Monday, August 16, 2010

Not everything you ever did was sin or evil - It was fashioning

Memory of back when isn't evil if evil doesn't pursue you. Sometimes Father lets you find a place in your memory bank you didn't know HE made just for you so you could revisit it and discover that it was all about Him in the first place. This happens when you see Jesus in Everything

I have found that many things and events of my past that I wanted to reject as not being "Godly" were judgments I made that didn't have anything to do with His Spirit alive in me. I have also learned that He is the author and finisher of ME, my Faith and all that I am and ever will become. My Judgments of Myself or others in a way is Judging what HE is finishing and authoring in me.

When sometimes I find that secret place where He reminds me of THEN I am able to savor
days past without regret or pain. That they were precursors of glory to come.

Eventually I see everything as Jesus. HE is my in all, end all, of all, -- totality. Nothing is that is not HIM. That means that things that were are also part of Him.

This seems confusing, but I used to be a great pharisee about what was right or wrong. I was legalistic. Bound. Could tell you and ME how to behave and severely judge you or me for not measuring up. I was Judging according to the flesh, not the Spirit.

We have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! 2 Corinthians 5:16

Now I see that HE is the Grace Grace God of all things. I speak Grace Grace to my life and see that it formed me. As Misty sings, God is a lover looking for a lover and he fashioned me.

Nothing is evil except those things specifically prescribed as evil. The list is shorter than we think. Paul talked about this.
Everything is allowable, but not everything is profitable. Everything is allowable, but everything does not build others up. 1 Corinthians 10:23
Where the SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS. . . . there IS Freedom. FREEDOM! But Freedom according to the Law of Love. We can live such that we encourage others to be built up. Yet without constraint of do this and not that. I am glad to be free.

I remember when I was not and I Thank God for what he brought me FROM.

He fashioned me.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Praise God Gene! As Apostel Bobbie Jean Merck always says, "You 'ain't' seen nothing yet! The BEST in Jesus is yet to be!"

So GLAD HE chose us and doesn't change His mind. I would have thrown me out a long time ago, I think! (And probably you would have done the same with yourself!)

But HE is ever gentle with those who are genuine, (and merciful and long suffering with those who are not!) wooing and correcting, leading and guiding us into all righteousness and so much more of Him! Hallelujah! Glory to His Name.