Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Prophetic Shift that took place over the weekend of July 30-Aug 2

Many prophetic people are reporting a shift in the Spirit that took place over the last few days. This is not some simple thing. This is a profound move in the Spirit Realm.

Paul Keith Davis recently wrote of a tearing of the veil. A tearing down of divisions between priesthood and the priests. I'm not sure he understands what he just wrote. He will.

I saw this happen before my very eyes. It was dramatic.

One minute the world was as it has been. Leaders and Clergy standing before the people doing what they do and the next minute God pouring out his grace on all flesh, anointing, filling, equipping. Suddenly it was if people were empowered based on the intimacy and revelation they had. Those who's lamps were full were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit into a new place of authority. It was so obvious it was amazing.

I suspect this shift came as a result of some of the "High Places" leadership abuses we have seen recently. This is no longer being winked at by Father. He is tearing down the high places. He always does.

This is from high places on Christian Television and other places where Big Time Celebrity preachers pitch their program. And to the smaller church venue where a clever and entertaining pastor uses his visibility to entertain and thrill the people with his brilliance and humor. His congregation has become a way for him to satisfy his ego. Make him think he did good. Give him strokes. Meanwhile the Glory of God is hidden. The glory has gone to be claimed by a man.

Father is fed up. I tell you by the Spirit of God, that day is over. The one man show is finished. God wants his bride to shine. Not by a lecture by a platform centric churchy meeting. God is about to clean house and bring his Glory forth for all to see. In his sons and daughters, old men and young. All flesh. It's happened.

Here's what has taken place. Many churches like Samson "whist not that the Spirit has left them". They will operate a little while in the flesh, ability can take you a long way. Father is finished with fleshly ability. Skill is not an anointing. Those who never had a word before will have one. Those who never had a revelation before will now. Those who could never bring a Hymn will now. The church (small c) must change and if it does not, it will die.

Those who say, this won't work in our church because of size or structure will soon find their church building empty. This is a new day. I have never quite seen anything as dramatic as this shift was. What leadership used to get away with is no longer allowed in the spirit.

This is about the Graces of God. God give graces to people to minister to his people. Some have called it anointing, but it's much more. Anointing can be ginned up. Play a few fast and a few slow songs and soon someone will become fired up enough to bring a rip snorter of a sermon or prophecy.

This is not that. This is Grace that come from an intimacy developed while seeking the Face of God.

Moses was just such a man. He was not a great speaker. Aaron had to do that for him. He wasn't bold. He wasn't even a compelling leader in his own spirit. Korah evidently had better and more effective leadership skill. Korah led off a large portion of the congregation. So what was it that in the end caused Moses to walk in power and authority? Moses had been with God. He came down from the mountain and his face shown. Such that he had to cover his face so the people could look at him.

God is doing it again. There are Moses leaders among us. Most are not on any platform today. They are out in the back country tending sheep. Now God has revealed himself in a burning bush to them. They are ready to take their place. They are ready to become what God called them to. He gave graces. The Grace that many standing on platforms no longer have. It's not impossible for one who has been on that platform to have the grace, but God is measuring once again. He is not content with simple ability. Grace must be granted once more. If you have it...God's grace. If not, you best step aside until you do. God will take you off otherwise.

The old rehashed messages won't work any more. The revelations from a year ago are stale. The word you brought last month is old Manna, spoiled. You will now need to have fresh manna to make it.

Father will clean up or close churches that have depended on ability, cleverness, skill and training. You can't install commission confirm or ordain one who is graced. And if you install commission confirm or ordain one who does not carry the grace of God in their life will find it much more difficult to minister effectively in days to come.

This is not a negative word unless you want to hang on to what used to be. This is a release of the church as it was intended to be. This is a new beginning. A prophetic friend of mine tells me that this is also a date confirming the birth of Israel 60 years ago. I don't know all about that, but I do know this, God is changing everything. I have so many people from all over the globe confirming that what you felt, what you saw, what you sensed was genuine.

Father just changed everything. Don't settle for second best. Father is about to release his glory, his grace and his power thru the people who have set in pews long enough. Churches who have been preparing their people for this change are positioned to benefit. Those who have had a few people on the platform and guarded that platform carefully are in trouble. They whist not that the Spirit has just departed. There is an Ichabod sign being prepared unless true repentance happens quickly and sincerely.

This will be exciting and will bring vitality to the Body of Christ that has been missing for a long time. It will be clumsy and even sloppy sometimes. It will even be fits and starts, but it's what Father wants. His Bride on display. The whole bride.

Let's line up with the word of God as Kings and Priests. Father just crowned us again. Step into your destiny. There is a world to be won to Jesus.

You are empowered to be everything you were called to be.


Tim Thomas said...

I received something very similar. It was like I heard a click, and the door opened, or a seal broken. What was will never be again. Do not look back. It is time for the Church to stand up and be used of God to usher in the Kingdom. ALL Believers.

BekiHodgeWard said...

The Lord gave me this vision on Sunday July 4, 2010.!/note.php?note_id=465065849147

Gene said...

Becki, I had Already posted your word BEFORE I posted what the Lord showed me. It's right below this one.

Mercedes said...

Dear Gene,

I cannot tell you what reading these words has just done to me. As I read each sentence, tears just poured out of me, tears of joy, release, freedom, peace, because I have been ranting on my blog about this for a while and it has obviously alienated me from regular readers and friends alike, close friends with whom I once felt a supernatural spiritual connection I had never experienced before.

I am a nobody. I am a Christian mother and a wife, a quiet introvert who is disenchanted with being a member of a church like the ones you describe, a small church. It took me long to see, years in fact, but for a long time I had no peace about the way our church represented Jesus in our community or failed to do so. I shared much of this with our pastor but all it caused was alienation and rejection. Perhaps I was not ripe enough or experienced enough to bring these painful truths to the table. One day I looked in the mirror and did not recognise what I had become, what my church was doing, and how far removed our church was from the Jesus I encounter in the quiet moments at home, in the valleys of hurts and trials. I felt clearly called to something very different from what was taking place in my church, but the opposition was such that I just curled up and retreated from voicing out what I was hearing.

Today reading your comment left on John Paul Jackson's blog the Lord led me here. Despite the fact that I have lost all "fellowship" with those in my church, despite the fact that I am hanging by a thread, despite the fact that I feel like I am crossing a spiritual dessert right now as I no longer feel the lead of the Lord as clearly and strongly as I did when these truths were being given to me, I still believe that this is where the Spirit of God is shifting to. But like you say, I feel I have been put on the shelf for now, the grace is stopping for now, my fire is quietly burning inside but there is not enough flame there to have the boldness and the zeal I once had, despite the fact that I still believe the Lord is revealing the very same things to me today.

The Lord has placed me in a wonderful community initiative providing food for the homeless. My involvement is small but I know it will grow and every time I visit the Drop-in where the homeless receive the food us and others provide, I see Jesus and his love poured out all over the room. That is church to me and not the self-centered, self-serving, egotistical and over-powering dictates of a few drowning the Spirit of God within others.

Forgive the long comment. Something has just been released in me by merely reading this post and I thank the Lord for this and for coming across you and this message.

I have recently started writing a series of post on my blog called "I quit churchianity". If you have the time, I would love to have your feedback or thoughts on these. It would be a great encouragement to me to have your insight.

God bless you.

Mercedes said...
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Mercedes said...

Dear Gene,

I have just got here through the comment you left on John Paul Jackson's blog.

I wanted to encourage you in the word you give on this post. I have recently started writing a series of posts on my blog entitled "I quit churchianity" which speak of the very malady you describe in the church today and of how the spirit of God is shifting elsewhere.

I am a nobody. I do not have a voice which is widely or even locally accepted as one who speaks God's truth. But I know what I have heard in the secret place, and I know the path along which the Lord has clearly been guiding me on in these last few years. I also know about the tremendous opposition I have encountered on the way, the suffering this has caused me and the loneliness I have felt at times. I know when I go to my church (have not been there for quite some time) that Jesus moved on long ago, and that his heart has been captive elsewhere, amongst the people who are determined to obey his command to feed his sheep, to love their enemies, to look after the poor and the orphan, to do all as onto the Lord and not themselves, to bring Him all praise and glory.

Your words bring tears to my eyes today, tears of joy, relief, freedom, peace and I feel completely overwhelmed that after months of a spiritual dessert, today I know again the Lord has not forsaken me or abandoned me, that His whisperings which I have been hearing for these last few years were His, that I was not going mad or being rebellious in my aversion to what the Church has become and is about today, that though no one trusted my source or my statements, there are hundreds out there like yourself who hear as I hear and see as I see.

I thank the Lord for you today. I thank the Lord for this wonderful encounter today.

May the Lord bless you and continue to shine His Glorious Face upon you.


Mercedes said...
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k said...

'allo all,

i must say, i'm so confused. i don't know what to think about things i'm reading. things i'm seeing play out in front of my eyes. i don't know what's a problem with my attitude and what is discernment.

for background, let's just say i grew up in a traditional southern church denomination. while maybe they preached the word, it didn't seem to have any power... which i didn't realize until i arrived at college and got involved in a charismatic church and heard about the Holy Spirit for just about the first time in my life. my pastor there was amazing... was constantly asking God what HE wanted to accomplish... there was no agenda.

i've been unchurched for many years. i can't go back to church without power, and yet the places i've visited seem formulaic in their own right. is it possible the charismatic "revival" movement feels just as cookie cutter as ending every service with "Have Thine Own Way Lord"?

I was involved in a high profile revival that, I don't know... seemed to have mixture in it. I am not one to throw the baby out with the bath water... nor do I believe that I'm gifted with any discernment. I'm more prone to blame myself for the inability to "get on board". i don't want to miss out, but I'm afraid I'm going to fall for anything.

for example, all of the sudden, nearly every time I'm at one of these meetings, the offering seems to take 45 minutes. and it is about "sowing into the anointing". don't get me wrong, i believe there is truth to that. but when do I feel like i have to buy off God to get a touch from Him? Just tonight I was at a service where you had to sign a partnership card for a ministry to get prayed for by the woman in charge.

I feel sad. And afraid. And like I don't know where to be. I'm in a bit of exile and I worry that it's my fault I can't engage with this "new wave". But it feels so contrived. I sat there tonight... having been fired from my job in March and still unemployed, and I felt like if I didn't give I couldn't be there. Is that Jesus? I gave a lot of money to revival when I was working and it was happening here, but tonight I felt completely guilted into giving. i couldn't expect to receive if i didn't give. is this just new breed legalism?

Here's my question... please forgive me for being so stupid...
you know how when they talk about the end times they talk about the "great falling away" from the church? can someone explain this to me? because i've always thought that it would be the people who just didn't give a rip about God anymore who left. but maybe... is it possible that in the end times, people leave church because it's REALLY HARD TO FIND GOD THERE? that by leaving, he's preserving his remnant OUTSIDE the church?

i'm sure my theology is all messy. i just had that thought tonight. wondered if anyone knew.

don't know where to be... need to find and be found in God.

thanks for the post, Gene. :)

Gene said...

K, good to hear from you again. I don't have an answer YET.

I do know things are changing and the kind of spiritual abuse you have incurred is beyond justice.

Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of GOD and all these things will be added.

Don't be guilted. Don't be suckered in. You sound like you are on the right track. Perhaps some charismatic home group somewhere would be a good place to land for a while.

I don't have such a place. FLORIDA FRIENDS. What say you?

Stay in Touch. God is going to clean up his Bride.

Tim Thomas said...

K- This is for you, and for anyone feeling what she expressed.

What you give is between you and GOD. Period. What you do in secret God rewards openly. Was speaking at a Church for 5 Sundays. The Pastor asked me about my tithe and I told him I paid in cash. It was not his business.

Relationship: If you ...are Born Again, then you are a Christian no matter which Church you attend. No membership card required. You have been sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Falling Away: You are right, this is synonomous with not caring anymore, hardening of the hearts of alleged Christians. Love waxing cold. So much going on in the world, violence, blood, pverty, starvation. People feeling that they cannot gove to everybody so they stop giving. Or become afraid and hold onto what they have. This is like "Eating your SEED". If you do not give, something, can you be blessed? Even a little, "Widow's Mite", God honors it.

Being found BY GOD: God is right next to you. Go into your prayer closet. Start to praise the Father. Talk to Him, praise His name, sing in worship, pray in the spirit. Call a Christian friend, MILES and distance do not matter. The Holy Spirit will comfort you, heal you and deliver you.

Just trust the Lord. See More

Anonymous said...

Delete this.

"I saw this happen before my very eyes. It was dramatic. Erie."

It was not Lake Erie, or even Lake Ontario.... but it was eerie. :)

denisee g. says bring it on said...

wow,,,,,the shift,,,,,bring it on lord,,,,we know in part and prophesy in part,,,,,,then all becomes clear

k said...

Hey Gene and Tim,

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I am trying to focus on knowing the goodness of God and the light of the Lord. It is hard when you look to the left and right and see darkness... even where there should be light.

I think a charismatic home group sounds ideal... hmmm... how do you find one... Will have a think on that.

This fear I have needs to go. I am so worried all the time that I will be one who is deceived. I worry when people in authority give their "impartation." Do I reap mixture if that is their mantle? I just want to be safe from deception.

I was blessed to receive a prophetic word from someone for whom I have deep respect. I do not know why God singled me out for this man, but I am glad that He did as I have been in such a confusing season. He echoed several things which I've heard recently, Gene, so I hope that gives you encouragement. :) I really want to know the light of the Lord is with me. I want the atmosphere over my life to change.

You say seek first the kingdom, but I must confess I don't know what that REALLY looks like in a fleshed out way. It is so heady that I can't figure out how to practice it. I think maybe Tim hit on it in his response, so thanks, Tim.

I get so scared when I read the news of economic collapse, for example, when I see things happening in such an accelerated manner. I want to know a God who is bigger than the mess I see around me. Where is this BIG God? I need to hear him for myself. I hope he wants to speak to me as an individual.

I'm so thankful for this website... somehow God led me here. And though I'm a bit of a lurker and don't often respond, I do read and enjoy hearing what God is revealing to you. Keep it up... you make a difference in people's lives.


barnabas said...

I have for many years been part of a traditional church, but five years ago I felt that enough was enough. Since then I have occasionally felt the pressure to attend a service, be an active part of a local community and so on. But instead, the Lord kept me from this and led me deeper into His Word and brought me together with other bornagain Christians in a network across the country. Since I have a mobile calling, it is quite logical to get connections everywhere, but I have recently still been struggling with the issue of local church community. And then I read this! I realize I had to go through these five years as a preliminary work for what is to come. And I shall not look backwards and seek what once was, because it´s no longer there. Thanks to this post and also the post “Letter to my church” and peoples feedback on them, I have also found many other texts confirming the testimony of the Holy Spirit in me. For example this:
Written nine years ago, but unfortunately still current.
I realize I´m not completely lost :-) and I´m certainly not alone! God bless you and continue to be salt and light dear brother. Blessings from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

I do not doubt Gods intent is for 1 Corinthians 12 thru 14 to be obeyed as commanded and leaders be in place to watch over and see to it services and saints go in that manner. Though it would seem man has shut what God desires down to this very day.. Many grieving vexing and quenching the Holy Spirit to this very day....
4/21/2014 at this rate it is quite possible if God does not bring judgment to the churches of America more sheep may fall into deception than new sheep coming in...harsh but if prayed about until God answers likely true...