Friday, August 20, 2010

Wind of the Spirit - The Breath of God By Ron McGatlin

A fresh shift in intensity of the awareness of the wind of the Spirit of God is occurring. This wave of intensification began to impact some people in different places about three weeks ago. With me and some around me, it was preceded by a sense of God-given dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Wherever a few people who are hungry for the reality of the manifest presence of God come together in unity with expectant hearts, the wind of Holy Spirit is stirring with increased life. Hearts are excited with intensified life and increased awareness in the spiritual realm.

The wind of the Holy Spirit appears to be gaining strength like an Atlantic hurricane advancing over warm water. A mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God promises to make landfall. The winds are already blowing causing a deeper and stronger resolve to abandon the cares of this world to catch the wind and be lifted like an eagle to greater heights of spiritual life in Christ Jesus.

The updraft wind of the Spirit is bringing increased awareness of the manifest presence of God increasing life within and among His people. Strong life-changing spiritual dreams, visions, and revelations are occurring changing the hearts of people in preparation to receive this next level of spiritual growth and maturity.

Past hindrances are dissolving.

Many Christians have been steered away from the greater life of Christ manifesting more fully by the Holy Spirit in their lives. Erroneous religious teachings and reports of significant abuses and failures have hardened their hearts regarding the fullness of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Hearts are being circumcised. Flesh is being cut away. The spiritual life of power and wisdom is empowering people to cast off religious rocks and break up the hardened ground of their hearts.

There is a refreshing wind of the true baptism of the Holy Spirit with power beginning to flow. Many who have resisted the promise of the Father to be baptized (fully immersed and saturated) in the Holy Spirit are going to seek and receive a greater level of love, peace, power, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Increased dissatisfaction with religious systems that fail to bring real life along with oppression from eroding life conditions will cause many to turn to God with their whole hearts and receive a greater reality of the life of Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Many others who in the past have known and walked in the power and love of the baptism of the Holy Spirit have lost the fire of the intense life of Christ Jesus that once flowed in their hearts and out to others. God is not going to just restore them to the place where they once were. God desires to take His people to a higher place of life in Him, full of glory and characterized by the pure holy life of Christ Jesus. God will pour out to those who diligently seek Him with their whole hearts.

This outpouring is not only intense; it is also broad. Whether two or three people or many thousands are gathered, the presence and life of Christ Jesus can be poured out by the Holy Spirit. This outpouring of the Spirit will be greater than those of the recent past. It is not greater because God is doing something different. It is greater because there are more humble, pure-hearted, holy people desperate to receive it. This is an outpouring that stems from and moves into the reality of the kingdom of God. It will be led by Christ Jesus in millions of ordinary people.

Though the move of God may have ebb and flow, it will never end and will culminate in the fullness of the reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The breath of God will flow supernatural power and strength into ordinary people with pure hearts. The sons of God will no longer be short of the breath of God. This is already coming forth and will eventually explode on the scene of earth like green grass in warm springtime. The great fields of grass will mature into a great harvest of seed in preparation for the coming harsh winter season in which the Spirit will increase and not decrease though buried under the cold barrenness of winter. The grass-roots spiritual outpouring will only grow stronger in the dark season

God breathe into us Your fire of holiness, love, and power!

Pray and seek Him with your whole heart, with all the strength you have. Gather in homes, work places, or wherever with a few desperate people that you are spiritually close to, and cry out to God to give you a new heart that will more fully flow the life of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit in power and love. Christ Jesus will baptize you or re-submerge you in the Holy Spirit and fire to flow the intimate and powerful reality of the mighty Wind of God, Christ Jesus.

The breath of God greatly strengthens the Body.

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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