Monday, August 23, 2010



  1. Prophets are called of God to stand in the Office of the Prophet.
  2. Prophets have the nature of Jesus, full of His Love and are motivated by passionate Agape Love.
  3. Prophets operate in order, with humility, fruit of the Spirit.
  4. Prophets have special sensitivity to spiritual things.
  5. Prophets will have a fierce allegiance to God and the things of God. They are the sin finders in the Body of Christ...They can't stand Sin, turn Church to holiness!!
  6. Prophets have an awareness that Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy. And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Rev 19:10 (NKJV)
  7. Prophets have a capacity for search out the secret things. They can hear from God... They get messages from the word of God.
  8. Prophets have extraordinary wisdom and insight. They will understand things of the spirit and not really know why!
  9. Prophets have heightened spiritual discernment and understanding of the spiritual world. They can detect the direction and movement of spiritual forces.
  10. Prophets have outstanding leadership abilities. They are natural born leaders....
  11. Prophets are brought in to help lay down the foundation of the church.
  12. Prophets are the... watchman, strongmen , intercessors and the voice of the Lord to the church today. They will usually point out the leaders in the church and will confirm those leaders for the Pastor!
  13. Prophets have a deep understanding of the place of Prophecy in the body of Christ. They also have great organizational, management and administrative abilities. As it relates to the Church...They understand the structure of the church. They also know when it's out of order.
  14. Prophets have remarkable accuracy in terms of divine communication. Prophets will know things that only God can know and minister it very accurately. They will see prophetic things in the world around them TV, commercials, the news, pictures! They see God in everything.
  15. Prophets have Governmental abilities. Prophets understand foundations and structure in the church. What's in order and what is out of order. They can help establish leadership in the Church.
  16. Prophets have unusual Judicial aptitude... understanding of how and when to minister and when and when not to. They have integrity, patience and a understanding of timing. They are yielded to the Holy Spirit.
  17. Prophets will have unusual interpretive skills. They have the ability to see or hear something and then interpret what it means. They have a tendency to have Dreams and Visions. They are called "Seer". Seer - one who sees in the spirit or Sees what he is Prophesying.
  18. Prophets have a comprehension of Prophetic matters.
  19. Prophets have great sense for the application of Prophecy. Prophets can counsel by the spirit of God not from human understanding
  20. Prophets will have an inordinate grasp of the Scriptures.
  21. Prophets have potential for inspired utterances. He has the gift of Prophecy and it will manifest at all times only God may not allow him to deliver it.
  22. Prophets will have Strong literary skills. He does not have tobe perfect but, should be able to leave written accounts for future generations.
  23. Prophets have Impressive elocution or very bold speaking that arrests people and causes them to listen. Hear by the spirit.
  24. Prophets tear down things that are not of God, and establish that which is...both in the natural and spiritual world.
  25. Prophets are spiritual Intercessors.
  26. Prophets often face persecution from the church system.


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OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing; The information presented has really blessed and confirmed some things for my benefit and my calling from God. I will frequently check back for more updates.

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