Monday, August 2, 2010

The Coming Day

Jesus stood above Jerusalem and lamented, "How often would I have gathered you as chicks under my wings" Matthew 23:37. He couched this in the rebellion and rejection of the moves of God and the murder of the Prophets. This was Jerusalem. Apple of God's eye. Yet he stands seeing the future in pain. In the end not one stone was left on another in 72 AD. The picture is of that time.

Now once again the time draws close, Father is looking above us and thru the Prophets are speaking of the troubles to come. When Jerusalem was destroyed all the support systems were destroyed. People were scattered. People carried the new Faith in Jesus with them and it covered the earth. Till today.

The question is this: what or who will survive this event? This has been prophesied for a long time. It has intensified. Visions and dreams. Manifestations. Father is sending a message to his Bride. Don't hang on to anything except HIM.

What will survive? Some people won't. It happens in every tragedy. Some nations won't. Maybe even the Great USA won't. Government won't. Politicians won't. Many businesses won't. Most churches won't.

The capital C Church will. She's eternal. Many lower case c churches will not. The CHURCH was built on the foundation of the Prophets and Apostles who were put in place by the Holy Spirit. The man created church was built on organizations and hierarchies that will collapse when the crisis comes. Most of those churches will wither in the heat. They will run from the battle. They will not know how to respond. It will cause them to collapse. Hearts failing for fear.

The CHURCH on the other hand will prosper and grow with nameless faceless saints of God driven by passion and purpose placed in them by the Holy Ghost. They will march lock step toward a glorious destiny over the top of the ashes below. The world will be ready to hear.

There will be fierce persecution of Christians, but the tested and tried CHURCH, the BRIDE OF CHRIST will come from the warfare without single spot or wrinkle.

Are you ready for this coming day? I want to believe many are. I fear most are not. So, be ready. The time is near. This is NOT what your eschatology teachers have taught you in the left behind books. This is a purification by fire that burns away every wood and straw man made religious concept. Only Jesus will remain. That's all that remained after 72 AD. It will repeat. Get ready.

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