Friday, August 6, 2010

A Prophetic Image that describes what's changing from Tim Thomas

Last night while praying before bed. Father spoke to me about a tree stump. I saw it as a big dead stump dried and cracked but He also showed me that there were little branches coming out the top of it.

He then showed me all of the light and... water that I had poured into the stump. His WORD would not come back void. So He allowed this stump to give off what I had given to it to others. The dried stump felt unworthy to receive it, rejected it, or assumed some knowledge or authority from what I taught, but shared it with others.

But the stump had little anointing or faith. So, instead of the stump creating great TREES from it. They were all stunted and of a single branch. Then He told me to NOT judge or condemn. I answered I judge the sin and not the sinner as He instructed.

And if I were in error in my judgment for the Holy Spirit to search me continually and correct me. Let my heart be ever for the Father and the truth of His Son Jesus the Christ.


Tim Thomas said...

In addition to this. Today the Holy Spirit told me that soon after I stop speaking or the stump spits out and rejects the Word I have been giving it will die. "It is not up to you whether this stump lives or dies. It is by MY will only."

denise g. propheticexpressions said...

ill be paying attention to the tree stump message tim,,,,thanks