Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying to Build WITHOUT a foundation will result in collapse


Aug. 14, 2010

19Consequently, you are no longer
foreigners and aliens, but fellow
citizens with God's people and members of
God's household, 20built on the foundation
of the apostles and prophets, with Christ
Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.
21In him the whole building is joined together
and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.
Ephs. 2:19-21

(The Lord showed me a church and I was looking at it in 3-D so that I could see the walls, windows and its entire structure. As the church building was rotating around so that I could see it, I noticed that the foundation which was made up of several large stones had many gaps and holes in it. In fact the entire foundation was weakened, because of this. However, the church itself was continually going
upwards, with it's windows and sides being polished and finished, as the foundation itself was falling apart. )

"I tell you, that many churches today have striven to build a church for me. They have all the right songs. They have all kinds of programs. Their walls are finished with the finest materials, but they have built it the wrong way. For they have used traditional methods to build it.

Have I not said that the church is to be built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with my son Jesus as its Chief Cornerstone? But many of you have gone your own way. You have built a church that might be pleasing to the eye, but its structure is weak. For you have ignored the foundation. For you have left out the apostle and prophet. You have said, 'No, no, I don't need them.'

You have gone your own way with the traditions of man. Everything may look beautiful to the eye, but I tell you that it will not stand. For in time your building will sway. It will move from side to side. And in the end it will be like that house that was build upon the sand. For the winds will blow, and the walls will not stand. But if you would have every part of the body doing its part,then it would rise up to its maturity, and it would be strong and would weather the storms that are coming. Do not follow the pattern of tradition, but rather, follow the pattern that I have outlined in my word.

Thus would say the
spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson

PS from me. I know and love the Hymn "The Churches ONE Foundation is Jesus Christ Our Lord." It's true in it's sentiment, but not true according to Scripture. He is the ROCK on which we build, but He said Himself that there are foundations to be in place on which to build. I embrace the truth of this word.

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denisee g. prophetic expressions said...

this is not a blog but a prophetic word,,,,thats the problem gene with the churches alot of them do not have the prophets and prophets as a foundation instead they have them in the background somewhere or not acknowledged at alll....wher are all the signs, wonders and miracles in the church?,,,,,where are the apostles to get this going......