Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You were born to fly but......

This morning very early I was pondering my humanity that always seems to be at war with who I am in Jesus. It can be very discouraging to be human. In the darkness the whole book of Ephesians rushed thru my head as the Spirit of God brought it to remembrance. Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

I created you for good works yet at the same time you are seated in heavenly places with me. Unless you are in place where I commissioned you to be, I do not have my hands and feet alive in the world to offer redemption from pain and suffering for my people, or people who are not yet my people.

I walked, got tired, slept, was angered, disappointed, ate, drank, wept and experienced everything that frustrates you. It's not a curse, it's a commission.

You WERE born to fly and fly you do, fly you will. You will be caught up into heaven again and again to get glimpses of My Glory. It's by that revelation that you will be able to endure and overcome.

My gift of life, time and ability to you is not a curse as you supposed, it is the way I manifest myself on earth. Be what I have called you to be and not another.

You are a gift to a lost and dying world, be that. To do so you must be fully human but never lose sight that I have seated you here with me in Glory. You are already here with me in eternity yet I allow you a little more time there.

Use it well. Redeem the time. Even the time you seem to waste and squander. My forgiveness covers that too.

Take your place on earth as I have commissioned you and at the same time take your place in the heavens.

You were born to fly....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Dear Brother- this is rich, rich rich! God spoke to me (in Sept? Oct? One of those months...) He kept impressing upon me "Redeem the Time."

The only time we are given is NOW. It is only the NOW that we can redeem. The past is time spent for good or ill... but it cannot be replayed- except in our heads or by the enemy to accuse and taunt... The future-well we get those "glimpses of" that He spoke of...but they belong to HIM to apportion as HE knows best!

I like Family Circus. in one, Dolly was explaining to her little brother: "Now is a gift, that's why it's called "The Present."

I was privileged to sit in a Reinhardt Bohnke meeting and he made a comment that has stuck with me: "If you consider it a great gift that I am here with you (our congregation was so small and yet he came to us...)then how much more valuable are YOU? When you give an expensive gift to someone- does the true value lie in the gift that was given, or in the person it is being presented to?"

There is much treasure still in darkness, awaiting us to go bring them out into the LIGHT of God's Glory. Don't keep God waiting to receive those priceless treasures...