Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I HATE and LOVE organized Religion

I just came from the funeral. Painful. Wonderful message delivered by a wonderful man. Pastor Smith.

BUT, there in the room were people, my relatives who have comfort in organized religion. No life in Jesus. Just Church stuff.

I get so angry with traditional church. With a form of religion. With lukewarm uncommitted faith. With the vanilla faith many of us grew up with. Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist.

Good, but mellow. Not challenging.

One man I love very much can't come to Christ because he saw his own father being one way at home, abusive, mean, cruel and then on Sundays act all holy. He saw his father talk about people's giving in the church. He was a board member. His importance was being special.

His only understanding of the things of God is his earthly father. He rejects the duality, doubleminedness.

What is so sad to me is eternity hangs in the balance. He is out of the Kingdom because of the sin of the father visited on his son.

For this reason I HATE, DESPISE, REJECT and like Jesus VOMIT OUT of my mouth lukewarm mellow religion. I understand in my spirit how horrible it is.

We need Jesus. He is all we must have. If we offer only milk it will sour us on reality later.

This isn't denomination. This is leadership unwilling to hold people accountable. I am thankful for Lord of Life. For good men and women of God. I am thankful for Faith Center with Leaders who care enough to confront. I am thankful for the E4 Church.

I'm speaking the very word of the Father. If you are in leadership and you wink at sin, wink at lukewarmness, you curse the generation to come.

It's time to get serious about serving GOD.


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