Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Prophetic Opens Doors Through Mixing Faith

Last Night I spoke briefly (11 Minutes) to a pastor colleague of mine. Things are moving very fast for him in ministry. ALL GOOD.

He told me that a Prophet had come to see him from Michigan introduced by another Prophet friend of ours. That during that time some remarkable pronouncements had taken place. Large numbers of prophetic promises.

That as of yesterday 7 of the many prophetic utterances had come to pass.

The question is this. Is this prophet then a better prophet than the one who introduced him to my Pastor friend?

I mean, many of the prophetic utterances have already happened. These are not small things. New paid for building, new home supernaturally for his family. Big things.

So, was the Michigan prophet's prophetic flow more powerful? More accurate?

No. The word of God is the Word of God. We can and do receive what we mix with faith.

Hebrews 4:2
For unto us also it hath been declared, in like manner as unto them. But the word of hearing did not profit them, not being mixed with faith of those things they heard.
I have experienced prophetic words that I did NOT mix with faith and therefore did NOT receive what was intended by God for me. In that I am poorer.

I have a Pastor Friend who God told me will receive a new building for his ministry. Nothing has yet happened. I have been puzzled.

Maybe it's time to mix that prophecy up with some faith. It's not about me, it's about God's word and how we activate it in our lives.

Mix it up.


Anonymous said...

This verse is about the Gospel, The Bible. Our faith and trust is to be in The Word which is the Bible, the Gospel. This verse says nothing about a "new" prophetic word we are to have faith in.

KJ- "For unto us was the gospel preached..."

NIV- "For we also have had the gospel preached..."

You sir need to read the book 'Beware The New Prophets' by Pastor Bill Randles
He is Pentecostal.

Gene said...

Anon, you missed it completely. Certainly the verse can have to do with the gospel of salvation, but in the context of the verse it does NOT.

It has to do with the promises of God in full, and in particular with the capacity to enter into rest in believing and having faith in those promises. This literal Translation of Hebrews 3 and Hebrews 4 will help you understand.

Those promises many times DO come from the word of God and we need to receive them with joy, but, sometimes a specific word that lines up with the word of God can and will be spoken into our lives and if we are willing to add our faith to the word, MIX, we can recieve what the promises of God thru his modern day prophets bring.

I don't know Bill Randles. To say he is Pentecostal is like saying he believes the bible. That is a pretty wide sweep of the brush. All pentecostals do not embrace everything I do and vice versa. We are far from monolithic.

I'm sorry for you that you don't embrace the prophetic, it's your loss. Just today a man after church told me how a word I gave him over 2 years ago is coming to pass in his life. How thankful he was for it.

I don't live by what I see, I don't live by what I feel, I live by the very word of GOD.

So, I'll skip reading some guy who probably is way off the reservation. You go right on ahead without me. God is speaking thru his prophets. He even uses me.

If that's a problem, you can avoid them.

I don't know very many who have been hurt by a prophetic word and thousands who have been encouraged and helped.

I'll go with that.

Anonymous said...

It seems that God's unmediated spoken fiats are rare. Man truly is God's regent that now speaks God's words into the world. If the pinnicle of God's word, namely the gospel of Christ, is not directly spoken into the earth, then it would follow that all of God's other words, forthtelling and foretelling, would follow this modus operandi. God spoke the world into existence without mediation, but now speaks into the world through the agencies of men and angels. Particulaly, God's words to the world seems to be mediated through his mouthpiece, the Church.

John the Baptist's father seemed to doubt the veracity of the word of the angel regarding John's birth and calling. This seemed to result in him being muted. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. I believe that our faith and confession or our doubt and sobsequent confession can impact the efficacy God's word. Somehow, doubt of God's words limits the power of them. Divine fiats like the ones spoken at creation are a rarity. Somehow, many or most of God's words ,foretelling and forthtellings,now need to be received and believed for them not to return void.