Friday, November 14, 2008

"My God is TOO BIG"

Many people are mistaken about the ability and intent of the Father to take note of little things in our life. That Father God is too big to be concerned about little things like Elections, Abortion, Gay marriage and other things in today's cultural and social debates. I hear this all the time. People say, "God is too big to be concerned about taxes or the size of Government".

Sometimes that is followed up with, God needs to be worried about galaxies crashing into one another or global hunger or some such. He's too big to be bothered with little things. OK. I'll bite. How small is too small for God to be concerned with?

I mention this because in reading Ed Young Jrs Blog I saw this comment.

I keep wondering, what do they think God is concerned about? At what level?

Jesus talked about the level of God's concerns.

  • Injustice. Blood Crying Out.
  • Sparrows falling.
  • Hairs on my bald head.
  • How we treat our employees.
  • How moms and dads deal with children.
  • Having other things that supplant God (Idols)

I have news, Father God cares about what you care about. He has an opinion. Things matter to Him. He isn't mute about them. Justice, mercy and righteousness are what he is in favor of. Every single thing you think about are on God's front burner. He's never busy. Never out of town. Never preoccupied. That's what eternal, omniscient and omnipresent is all about. He has all the time in the world to think about you. You are ALWAYS on his mind. You are ever before HIM.

He doesn't like it when people are oppressed by the Devil. He spent time dealing with all that.

So, God is never too big or distant to have an opinion about things. He puts Prophets and Preachers on the earth to declare them. That offends people who have an abstract God. A too big God.

If you have an opinion that differs, speak it out, I would hope you have the capacity to back up your opinion with Fathers Opinion. Chapter and Verse.

He wrote a big book and expects us to read it.

God is not TOO BIG. That would be human. He's nothing like you and I.

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