Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Kairos Moment = In the fullness of Time

Sometimes God isn't ready to have you or me do what he has called us to do.

Joseph in Egypt comes to mind. He revealed to Joseph what was to happen. He made things come to pass to bring him into place. Then, Joseph ends up in prison. In a holding pattern.

I wonder often if on his bed at night he didn't wonder why or how he should do what he was purposed to do. He didn't have ambition. He had a promise, a calling.

Yet it seemed like he was placed on a shelf. Things seemed to stop.

A year ago God told me to do something. I moved aggressively ahead. Contacted some people God told me to contact. All systems were go. Then in March things seemed to slow and then stop. I tried to move ahead. Nothing. No release.

Things just stopped. It was like being in a prison from my purpose in this area.

I had begun to form the important connections that was part of what God wanted to do. This seemed to make sense.

Then in the middle of the whole process by June I just stopped. Or more important, God put it on hold. I was confused, wondering, what was this all about. Why are we stopping here?

At first it occurred to me that the noise and clamor of the presidential election would overshadow the mission and render any efforts neutral. I thought, after the election and peoples eyes are back on life as we know it, then that will be the Kairos Moment. The fullness of time.

Then September exactly 7 years after the attacks on the Twin Towers with a 777 point drop in the dow. The beginning of the economic collapse was revealed that we are now experiencing.

The prophetic implications of all this are huge. I still don't have the go ahead, but the wisdom of God on putting me in "Purpose Jail" like Joseph is right on the money.

Joseph was ready for Egypt when he went to Jail, But Egypt wasn't yet ready for Joseph.
It took years. Until the need for a plan already in the heart of God to be released to preserve His people. God's plan he purposed me to is ready, but the country was not ready to hear it.

I have a sense that this is what has happened. NOW, (or Soon) the Kairos moment will come. It will be time to act. To gather into barns the white fields of a ready harvest. And the ways to do that have been already demonstrated.

When Barack Obama was using viral marketing to raise millions and millions of dollars he was using exactly the kind of method the Lord told me to use. I had done it before at Katrina.

Perhaps the Obama strategy succeeding in plain view was there to demonstrate to me that this would not only work, but succeed. And to others who might have doubts.

I had a key person in all this step out of the vision early on. That put a stop on further forward movement. I know this is not about me. God has given the vision and the strategy. I just don't yet have that key piece in place. God will provide.

What stirred me to write this was a note from Nancy Minor who was helpful and reassuring. I need to be reassured too. It said in part:

Gene when I was in intercession on Sat. I saw much upheaval in the spirit realm. It was like watching an earthquake cause the ground to become uneven and unstable... but the upheaval is bringing a realigning and it is really a good thing in the end.

It has been a hard and long year. We've face much personal battle here on the home front, and I had to cancel all 3 of the mission trips... but my Life belongs to HIM and that is all that matters to me. I was in a car accident the end of Sept. and our ministry van was destroyed. I got banged up and had whiplash, was out of work for a month-but it was meant to kill me I know.That did not happen. I have made a decision that if I was radical before- I am going to be even more so... and I am pressing in to KNOW HIM as never before. Hence there have been some major assaults. The enemy hates those who live on the edge with God, especially if they are flowing in the Prophetic or Apostolic.

Don't doubt yourself or the call Gene. Don't second guess yourself. The attacks are coming because you are standing and not backing down. Look what happened to John the Baptist. He KNEW Jesus was the one they had awaited- they had a special connection in the spirit from the womb even! But when the attacks became so strong and ongoing and it seemed like he was forgotten in prison...he began to question. Jesus didn't' chide him, or rebuke him now did he? No, he didn't even directly answer the question that John asked! Instead he said, tell him what you've experienced- the Blind see the lame walk, the dead are raised, demons flee. He did not defend himself or get upset, instead he REMINDED JOHN of the things that had been prophesied and promised. He refocused him. He answered the unspoken- No John you didn't miss it- your years in the desert were not in vain. The end of your life will show that your life had great value because you announced ME. And Gene, that is what I see and hear for you... It hasn't been a waste. You haven't missed Him. And HE ain't through with you YET!

Adjustments and upheavals are not fun, but they are necessary... He won't let you rest on your lees- he keeps pouring you out into different containers so that each time the wine of your life becomes sweeter and purer and better.


Sometimes there is a holding pattern because they are not prepared and ready on ground yet. Sometimes it is because the plane is not ready to take off yet.

He is perfecting everything that concerneth us. I trust that when the timing is right- we shall be ready, all players in position and ready to receive (just like in football- right?) and move on and with what God is releasing.

My Father is teaching me patience and endurance. All in due time- we will NOT be denied. I am content to wait Gene. He does all things well. It'll be good. "Delay is NOT denial. " (Prophetess Bobbie Jean Merck)

Now you know why I love the prophetic word so much. Nancy, thank you, I needed to hear that. I am so thankful for friends of the Spirit who are full of the Holy Ghost who encourage and support one another. Prophets need Prophets to Prophecy to them to encourage greater boldness and confidence in God.

Those who know of this will understand, to the rest who might read this you will just have to wait and see what he is up to.

So will I.

Until the fullness of time.

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