Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't suppose there's any relationship at all

A week ago Prophet Kim Clement was using the metaphor of rain to illustrate how God will pour himself out on all. This is a common metaphor in the Bible as you know.

Let it rain....
Prophesied on November 16, 2008 - Pasadena, California:

A Small Cloud Shall Bring Rain

The Spirit of God says, "You have waited, you have seen nothing." The sky is void of even the sign of a drop of rain. We have looked and we have looked and we have searched, but nothing in our sky. God said, "Your sixth time has come to an end: the end of carnal sight, the end of carnality within the eyes of men. Now you shall step into the seventh sight. And once you see it, it shall come in abundance," says the Lord!

How many of you can hear it? The sound of abundance! The thunder clouds! Those are thunder, lightning.

We have entered into the era of the seventh sight, the seventh watch. "You have just been given sight, for this small cloud now shall bring rain to your business, rain to your ministries, rain to this nation and rain to California," says the Lord.

"There shall be a sign," says the Spirit of the Living God. "There shall be a sign," says the Spirit of the Lord. "Hear Me, people of this nation. Now these words are not gentle and quiet. Hear these words:

"You have been in division and discord. You have stood in two opinions. Now let it be at rest. You shall not stand as one with two opinions. It is now time for you to decide this day: Is it the Lord who you follow or it is man that you follow? Is it the Lord's prophets you follow or is it the prophets of Baal that you follow?"

God said, "There has been a line drawn and now it is time for Me to disintegrate the force that has caused this division, that has caused strife in this nation. I will send you a sign. I will bring torrents of rain and your flowers shall bloom; your flowers shall have a fragrance at a time when they are not supposed to. And I will show you that the Rose of Sharon shall once again be the Rose of the Rose of Sharon, says the Lord!

I'm Talking About the Greatest and the Nicest Storm We've Ever Had in Our Lives

We stand in California with fires surrounding us. I'm interested in nothing else, Lord, but to pronounce Your will. The Spirit of God has moved into this building, but more so He has moved out of this building. Thousands are watching now by the technology that has been afforded to us in this day. You who are watching, come to this altar.

This is about something that has just been announced. We have had six watches, and every time we've gone to watch for the pronouncement and the fulfillment of the word of the Lord, it's been empty. The sky has not produced one sign, and it's been a dry land and a dry time. But now we have moved out of the sixth watch, and that which seems so small will bring so much!

Do you understand? Tonight, as we stand and gather around this altar as God told me to do nothing else, He said, "Gather the people around My altar and let them see, for we have now entered the seventh watch to go and see." Rain, we command you to come! You have no choice. The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy? Rain, we command you to come!

For the sign is around us. For Elijah, it was fire, fire, and the fire that surrounded them consumed the sacrifice - and then came the rain. The fire has come, the fire has consumed, and now we command what God spoke tonight for this nation. Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain! Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!

Now it's starting to rain in California.

A LOT - Let it rain.

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