Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Prophetic Voice I Listen to

"But, Kim, you don't understand; there's not a sign, there's not a sign of abundance. There's not a sign of our fulfillment of our prophetic word." What did you say? God said, "I am bringing you into the seventh watch." You've been six times. You say, "Well, Kim, I've heard that before." No! This is for a specific time. It has been designated. Now comes the cloud to bring the abundance.

What a contradiction! A little cloud brings an abundance of rain to such a degree that men have to scatter and run. Acceleration has already begun, but now we want the storm to come upon us. I'm talking about the greatest and the nicest storm we've ever had in our lives. And God said, "Your flowers shall bring forth a fragrance at a time they are not supposed to, which will be a sign of the Rose of the Rose of Sharon." Can you imagine that this time is created just for us? Now we gather around the altar.

A Golden Opportunity

The Spirit says, "So many have grown hard to My voice because they feel that I have departed, because of empty skies." There comes a time of watching, waiting, laboring...I really believe that God is whispering a secret to us: At our worst possible time, when we have concluded that there is no hope, He suddenly comes as He has done, as is His habit over the centuries of the millennium, before the beginning of time.

What a golden opportunity for God to do it again. Why not? Why not be the generation that can tell a story to their children, when the prognosticators of the universe are giving their predictions, so smug, declaring that, "History has taught us - therefore it shall happen again." And suddenly He comes. But there has to be a prophet that must declare it and there must be a people that will swear it.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

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