Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making Friends with the Devil

Friday Morning, early, when I woke I had a strange dreamlike vision.

It was 4 people. People who openly admitted to being demons. Demons sent to deceive, mislead and generally cause havoc in peoples lives.

They were decent folks, people who you could like, even become friends with. But, they meant you harm. They had no pitchforks or forked tails. Hardly a red suit anywhere. No smell of smoke.

They seemed to feel in my "Conversation" with them that they were misunderstood. That there was no harm in harboring them or even in becoming "Friends".

It was hard to imagine casting them out in the name of Jesus. They seemed so natural.
Yet, that is exactly what I knew I must do. I had to stop cozying up to the demonic influences in my life. Exorcism of them is in order.

I suppose if you are a reader of some of this you think this is a weird dream or vision to have. Or maybe not. I know this one thing. I am more aware of the secret sins and hidden harmless things in my life that I have allowed to take up residence. They must be dealt with. I can't make friends with the devil nor anyone he sent.

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