Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Lord is Bringing you from the high and exposed places to the safety of Winter Pasture

Pastor and Prophet Johannes W.Matutis of the Freie Nazarethkirche in Berlin Germany has give a prophecy I only just heard about. It's very encouraging. I commend it to you. It can become part of your language of encouragement as people are going thru some hard times right now.

We have enough gloom and doom. God is not confused or baffled by all this.

A small part:

“My children, you are up against insecure and difficult times. Fear and darkness loom ahead of you. Dark clouds are looming on the horizon. Great and mighty storms are about to shake the world. But I assure you my children; I will not leave you, even for a moment. It will shake you too. Even you will not be spared. But with my help and strength, you will survive all the crises, if you follow my instructions.

The afflictions that would overwhelm and destroy you will not prevail over you. I will ensure that. For I, the Lord am your shield, and remain your protection. I am your strong armour. I will take every attack of the hell for you.

You can do nothing to ward off these storms. I therefore place myself between you and the storms, and calm it for you, so that there will be no damage done you. It would just bounce off me. It will only pass by you like a mighty thunderstorm, like a great thunder.

My children take heed! I will bring you to my safety just at the right time. I will gather you under my wings, and take you into my care. I will free you from all your ballast, right on time. I am taking the rudder out of your hand. Do not be afraid when one thing or the other is taken from you; when one thing or the other separates itself from you. I am freeing you from every unnecessary ballast, from difficult people, and wrong paths from everything that will only serve as problems and distress for you during these great times of crises.

Just like the dry leaves are blown away by the autumn wind, so will everything that is unnecessary, fall off you during this period. The storms are a work of my Spirit. I am preparing my church for myself”

And thus says the Lord, “Heed my instructions, and follow my directions. Listen to that still small voice. I am like the shepherd, who is now bringing his fold into safety in these dangerous times.

What you now see happening in the world, and amongst my people is nothing more than a “moving away” of the flock from the mountains. Things have changed. We are in a new era. The hard cold winter breaks forth. You, my sheep, cannot survive the winter up there on the mountains. That is why I am bringing you down from the sparse, dangerous heights into the valley, where you can have enough good pasture land, and live in safety. I am bringing you down to a stable and healthy plane (plain), where you can survive well, and have everything that you need. Your well-being is the desire of my heart”, says the Lord."

Read the whole thing.

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Ron McK said...

I am not sure that I would call this a prophecy. Pastors preach all the time that God is looking after his people. The scriptures are full of promises that he will be with us, so what is new here? It is just an exhortation.

The one thing that maybe prophetic is the statement that we are moving into a new era, but what this means is very vague. He seems to be suggesting that we are going from a tough era into and era of comfort. Do you believe that? I suspect that the reverse is true, in which case he is really giving a false promise.