Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wrapping up or Preparation?

I spent the day out picking things up, fertilizing, hauling, unraveling, putting away.

It seems like I'm trying to wrap things up for the season.


Is this preparation.

Since I'm one of those "Crackpots" who sees Jesus in everything, while I was so engaged I thought of the dark Friday when People who loved Jesus borrowed a tomb, wrapped him up, and put him away. They thought it was over. Closed. Finished. He even said it was finished.

They didn't understand.

What they didn't know is they were preparing Jesus for a bodily resurrection that was unlike anything ever seen before. Glorious. Unusual. Magnificent. Holy.

Yet on Friday it seemed anything but. It seemed to be the end.

It snowed here today for a bit. Not a lot. Just some.

It seems pretty quiet. Time to wrap things up.


Is this just preparation? When I watered in some trees I planted yesterday I recognized that this is a new beginning for them.

Maybe for me.

Maybe for you.

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