Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dead Skunk

This morning in that half asleep half awake state I received a clear vision. It was a prophetic download. It might apply to you as well, so I will share it. Sometimes I know it's just for me or NOT:

I was trying to use the fireplace in our home. In trying to light the fire I ran into a problem. There was a dead skunk in the fireplace. We have closed doors on the front. And the chimney has a screen over it. That skunk didn't sneak in there. It didn't find a way on it's own.

I couldn't light the fire without removing the skunk. Removing it was dirty and nasty but necessary before the fire could be ignited and fanned into full flame.

So how did the skunk get into the fireplace? No one snuck into the house and placed it there. I hadn't left the door open.

The truth was I had invited the skunk in. I had allowed him to occupy a place he had no business being. Removing him was messy and difficult but without the removal the fire will never be able to be lit again.

I won't even TRY to explain what this vision means, you will figure it out if you let the Holy Ghost teach you.

He did me.

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too obvious