Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Steps to Awakening in America

1.  DEATH: The pagan ungodly trajectory of our nation must die.  Dead die.  This will take a tragedy or a radical shaking.  Unless this dies there will be always an attempt to let there be compromise evil and good.  Evil must once again be identified as evil.  Shame must return to our culture.  50 years ago if you were pregnant and not married, you got married or went away and a baby became available for adoption.  Abortion was very rare... and illegal. No Homosexual ever came out of the closet.  Some were..but they didn't flout it.  The military didn't tolerate open homosexuality.  God's name was revered even if not honored.  Sexual sin wasn't open.   It existed.  Shame kept people from being licentious.  Being unemployed or on welfare while necessary for some was considered nor normal.  Many were, but they didn't flaunt it.  The fear of God and the fear of shame by your fellow man kept people from open rebellion.  This rebellion must die... Dead.  There can be no rebirth unless the old is dead.  God will do this...but the further down we go... the harder it will be.

2.  TRUST in GOD.  A replacement of our trust of Government and what can YOU do for ME must be replaced by a new radical trust in God.  We no longer trust anyone.  We don't trust because people have become untrustworthy.  When the collapse comes... we will once again learn to trust in the Jehovah who provides. 

Both of these will be painful, but there is not incremental return to Godliness, the recognition of Sin and Trust in God as it says on our coinage...  IS IMPOSSIBLE.  This will be a ripping. A tearing.  We are too far gone to come back without it.  It will be easier to at least in your own life to learn to Trust God and not man, to learn shame once again and become the person God called you to be.. 

Or be torn asunder by the coming shaking.

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