Monday, April 15, 2013

A Prophet must not only comfort and reveal, sometimes he/she must stir you UP

I love the voice of a prophet when he speaks goodness over my life.  When he declares the mind of God towards me.  When he defines destiny that comes from the throne.  When he uses his office to equip me for the future.  I love GOOD prophecy.

Unfortunately, sometimes the prophets purpose is to sound an alarm. Like things we see all around us that warn.  Things that in our flesh are unwelcome.  Things that stir us. 

We are Stirred and disturbed when:

  • The alarm clock goes off early in the morning and we are sound asleep.  We want to hit the snooze button... prophets don't have a snooze button.

  • The smoke detector goes off.  Maybe it's a false alarm, but it senses something and sounds forth.

  • The fire engine or police car coming to an intersection we were about to cross and the sound of them makes us stop and take a look.

  • The tornado siren goes off and we wonder what is happening.

  • A storm alert on TV tells us that a big storm is coming, it interrupts our regular programming.. the one we wanted to watch.

  • The flashing light on your dashboard says Check Engine.  You know something is not as it should be and you have to get it fixed.  That will take time and money, to save even more time and money.

All around us inconvenient alarms go off, some at times we wish they would not. We have a choice; we can ignore them... or we can decide to heed and perhaps it will save our life or money or urge us on to better things.

That sometime is the role of the Prophet.  Not heeding him or her will cost, but heeding may mean an interruption.  Or danger.

In the old times in the Bible, there were town criers, Watchmen.  Those who kept an eye out for danger.  They cried out and warned the people if an attack were imminent.  We now have different means of communication, but the net effect is the same.

The watchmen are responsible for your life. The voice of the Prophet is that.  They look out for you.  If they cry aloud... you have a choice.. Heed or perish.. a bit or a lot.

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