Saturday, April 6, 2013

Both have inherent Error

I am theologically frustrated with both ends of the eschatology spectrum... there is one you know. At one end are those who are convinced we are living in the very end of the last days. Rapture at 11. OR noon. Or... They have the news to back them up. Van Impe will confirm your fears. That kind of don't worry be happy rapture's on the way. If not Rapture, any second now Jesus will burst thru the clouds and with a sword in his mouth destroy all enemies you have now. All will be well. Throne in Jerusalem and all. The left behind books canonized this. That's one end.

The other is Jesus came. He's not coming again. He's here now. The Kingdom of God will expand until all will be well. It's inexorable. Everything in all prophetic writings are to be spiritualized. I have bought into much of this thinking. It has been very freeing. It has brought balance to my life. I am thankful for this.

There is a problem however. Ignoring the warnings and recognition of evil's influence in the Christian's life is not good theology. The things we see in Ezekiel, Zephaniah, Matthew and Revelation to name a few must be seen in full context. They must be seen as what they are... prophetic preparation for the Saint of God who reads the words.

We must NOT be surprised when persecution and tribulation comes upon us. We must stand watch as a watchman against the schemes of the enemy. He has no new ideas, he just keeps recycling them over and over and over again. If we warp our thinking into thinking this time in the 21st century it's happening for the LAST time we miss what the Spirit is trying to say. Watch for patterns. Watch for Cycles. Jewish believers never thought linear like we do today. They always thought in cycles. Shapes. Patterns. Shadows. Indications. Warning. NO we are not in any last days. NO we are not going to get better and better. Things will cycle. The enemy of our souls will do battle with us to try to kill and destroy us. He's on the warpath right now.

To think that escape by either pathway is possible is not facing the reality of the warfare all around. Demons are real. We must cast them out of people, systems, churches, homes, politics, cultures and governments. That takes action. We depend on the weapons of warfare that miss the mark. Let's take it back.. The Enemies plans are already well documented. Read them. Watch for them. Attack.


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed this article. The
theology question is pretty good as to the end times. I found Hilton suttons teaching and Lester sumralls teaching on the book of revelation very good. Most Christian leaders today may well not be able to endure it or won't preach it as their tithe and attendance may drop. Hilton Sutton addresses the army from the west on web i always just assumed that when the branch became tender a generation wouldn't pass and mans days shall be 120 years under Grace not Law. but only the Lord knows. I truly do long to go home (i am a rapture guy )But i can't bear the thought of showing up before my Lord and savior Jesus Christ whom i love and knowing that there where battles to be fought (not in the flesh or by natural means) and i was to lazy and selfish not to try to fulfill the plan and purpose for which i was bought, having come to the knowledge of what a disciple of Jesus Christ should do by His definition knowing i am accountable. I have been sent to many churches and realize there is a remnant in most.
but most don't have much time for or see the value of first and second Corinthians they will preach parts submission ect. but won't be concerned that disciples are not being produced even though they will be held accountable as leaders. I almost think many laymen have had their senses dulled they are taught to serve the preist and His vision and there is their reward which is a partial truth. I find this very discomforting as it would seem many arguments stem from not understanding trinity the cross and the six foundational doctorines wether a seared conscience lack of knowledge or rebellion i do not know, but my understanding is the gentile church will be taken out and the Jewish people will finish the harvest but to do that the American church must acknowledge Gods desire for Israel.

Fallout said...

This may be a little off subject but the most recent “It's Supernatural” program had an interesting possibility for the end time scenario. It talked about the 112 Pope prophecy but it got into the subject of demons posing as outer-space aliens causing a great deception on the earth.

If you have ever watched the History Channel's “Ancient Aliens” you can readily see how this deception could take place. If you haven't seen the program, this article deals with the affect that these mind-bending stories about ancient astronauts can have on one's outlook:

When Satan is cast out of heaven, he may use that as part of his deception.

Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.