Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prophetic Fulfillment Before your VERY EYES

Six years ago the prophets were all abuzz saying the day of the big name ministry was over.  No more superstars.  That God was about to shut down or quiet big name ministries.  It has been a turbulent six years.  People have wondered about this. 

It was the summer of 2007.  July 7.  Nashville.  The last significant gathering.  There were going to be other spurts but this was the beginning of the end of the BIG NAMES.   Lakeland flew as Icarus.  Then in collapse by the big name... it all ended.  Has never come back.  Name me one large event that has taken place since.  They don't exist.  There are meetings... here and there.  God moving.. but not like once was.  The big names are gone.

7-7-07  The call in Nashville was to tear down the altars of Baal.  Particularly in the Church.  400 days later on 9/29/2008 the Dow Jones dropped 777 points.  It was the beginning of the end.  Our economy and our culture has drifted badly.  Unrighteousness seems to be on the assent.  It's an illusion.

God has been showing his people the new normal.  No more big names.  Yes, great leaders, but only as support to what God is already doing.  Ask any striving christian leader who have been trying to put on big meetings, big conferences, big names, bringing in big christian bands, big time speakers... how's it going?  It doesn't work any more.  When it did it was an anomaly.  It is getting harder and harder to draw a crowd.   Those who have tried and failed to find a place of ministry as a big time minister are more and more frustrated.  The old ways no longer work.  God is now in charge of the broken system.

God is doing a new thing.  The word of the Lord has come to pass before your very eyes.

Those who are in denial of this new direction will continue to be frustrated trying to be part of something that was a former day norm. 

The future will be even more startling.  Big churches, huge edifices, huge ministries, building programs will fail.  Debt will devour churches.  Shuttered doors.

The devil will cheer and the ungodly will mock as it happens.  What they don't understand it is the Father who is cleansing, driving out moneychangers, scattering doves, tipping over tables.

Meetings and assemblies will meet in a new place.  Mobile. Rented or refurbished.  Re-purposed or in homes.  Or even under the stars.

This is not condemnation.  This is correction.  Essential to bring order and authority back to his Body here on earth.  Some of this will be seen as loss... so did the Cross to the disciples on that day.   

Here's the word, the seed of faith must germinate and emerge to flower once again.  When the long winter ends, seeds of what is to come lie buried and supposed dead just below the surface.  As the rain comes, the dreary days progress the seed begins to swell, send out a root and live emerges. When the SUN shines on it, the seed comes into full bloom.  It shows itself as what it was intended to be.

The apparent death and burial of the passing structure will give new birth... new emergence and new fruitfulness.  It will not be like it ever was. 

Seed time and harvest... ever was... ever will be.

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