Friday, April 5, 2013

Give Up Your Efforts - Nathan. Berry

Have you noticed how well I have taken care of nature, says the Lord. The plants and animals of the earth, the birds of the sky and the creatures of the sea are all fed and taken care of.

Each one trust that water will come, food will be found and sun or shade will be given. So, why do you not trust that I will take care of you my child? If I take such good care of the earth, then how much more will I take care of you?

Yet, you are striving and pressing in your own strength to water yourself or nourish yourself. Do you not trust in me? Do you not believe that I will send you water when you are thirsty and bread when you are hungry?

I have promised you in my Word that if you ask for bread, my child, I will not give you a stone. If you ask for a fish, I will not give you a serpent. I have promised you that I would supply all of your needs according to my riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I have promised you that whatever you ask for, in my name, I will give it to you so that your joy may be full. I have told you that I will withhold no good thing from you. I have even said that if a mountain stands in your way that you can cast it into the sea.

Therefore, my child, why do you waver in your faith? Why do you still think that I will not step in and come through for you?

The reason you do not see my promises coming to pass in your life is not because I do not desire to bless you, but rather because you have not put your faith in me, says the Lord. For without faith it is impossible to please me.

From this day forward, my child, put your faith in me. Know that you stand on a solid rock that will not fall away or fail you. Have faith that in me you will find refuge and strength. Trust in my power and my abilities to reach you just as I reach nature.

If your life is not built by and upon me, then you are laboring in vain. So give up your own efforts. Trust and believe in me, my child. For it is in me that you will find hope for the future and reach the expected end that I have in store for you, says the Lord.

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