Sunday, April 7, 2013

I will impart to whomever is ready to receive

This morning I received a clear word from the throne.  It stirred me and I hope it will you:

I have prepared a full impartation of my Glory to those who are ready to receive.  I am willing but many are not properly equipped to manifest what I desire to place in them.  They have become parrots of those who suppose they have received but have not.  My Glory will I share with no man, but I will manifest myself in them.... if they are equipped to receive.
As I pondered what I heard and recorded it, I was lead to think of how much like a computer operating system and program this is.

When certain extraordinary computer programs that do far and away more than any have before, one of the limitations is the operating system on which that program is installed.  The specifications will say (Windows) "For Windows Vista, 7 and above".  If you are still using Windows 95 it won't work.  Or if you try, it will work, but poorly.

The problem is not the program.  It was designed to manifest it's ability on a compatible system.  When you try to use it on less than the adequate operating system it fails.  The designer intended to impart extra power.  The user unable or unwilling to upgrade from Windows 95 will only find themselves using the old programs.  Even if it looks like a better program from the outside, it will lack power.

This is the way it is with many Christians.  They become stuck on an old operating system.  They get saved, perhaps filled with the Holy Ghost but then they stop.  The next step of growth in God stops them from receiving any impartation from the throne.  They can't handle it.  They can't receive.

Therefore, they are stuck.  Stuck.

People lay hands on them.  They hear the word of the Lord.  They receive what should be an impartation.  Yet nothing changes.  What frustrates them is; all around them are people getting new revelations, manifestations, operations of the Spirit of God.  Health, prosperity, wisdom, joy.  Yet they seem like they aren't going any where.

WHY they ask?  What am I doing wrong?  They didn't do something wrong.  It's what they didn't do that matters.  They are still stuck on Windows 95.  You can't impart what you don't possess, and you can't receive impartation unless the proper capacity to receive is in place.

It says in Scripture that we are being changed from Glory to Glory.  That is a progressive increase in capacity to receive.  If your capacity to receive is not increasing, you won't receive.

HOW?  When you install an upgrade, you go in steps.  You can't just upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 7 in one fell swoop.  There are intermediate steps.  95 - 98 - XP - Vista perhaps and then 7.  Don't get hung up on this... I can hear you thinking.  It's fits and starts.  There will be upgrades there will be fixes. It's fine tuning.  The Lord deals with us (disciplines) because he loves us.  That much is sure.  Just like software.

One last thing, when you upgrade, the new operating system deletes files it is no longer going to use.  Things that are dangerous if left.  Things that are useless.  That is how it must be with the believer.  You can't hang on to the things of the past...even your past as a Christian. Some things must be set aside to enter into the new things God wants to do in your life.

It's time to upgrade so he can download HIS imparatation of Glory.  Get ready.   UPGRADE!



Dave Allain said...

I showed this to my bishop. He just read it to thr congregation.

Anonymous said...

This is a great analogy I know a man of God he is a minister but many when I see them preach that came up under him almost parrot his style his preaching with little to no supernatural manifestation at all which is not the case with that man of God that trained them. I am reminded of a testimony I heard John wimber was asked by God how many more disciples of yourself do you plan on making uh not many Lord that's good John. (general summary) leaders can impart and mentor but the life flow and Power comes from the relationship and character worked by God himself our response is critical we've been given the map the Holy Spirit is the guide thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!LIFE IN RELATIONSHIP ALL THINGS FOR HIM BY HIM AND THROUGH HIM CONSTANTLY GROWING EVEREXPANDING IN CHRIST

Prayingmedic said...

Kris Valloton shared a word he received from the Lord a few years ago. The only analogy that fit the action was this: Kris said, "God's plan is so different from what we're used to, it's going to require a new operating system."'s coming. To those who can receive it.