Friday, April 12, 2013

Will you preach to the choir this Sunday?

The choir already knows the answer to life's persistent questions. Seekers don't. Inquiring minds want to know.   Will what you preach on Sunday answer the real questions people are asking?  Look at the non fiction lists of best sellers among christian and new age books. These are the questions seekers have. 

I wandered my local bookstore to check out the aisles of the Christian and New Age books. The new age section is Twice as large as the Christian book section. Book Stores stock sections related to what sells. That is a clue. There is a great deal of interest in the supernatural and spiritual.  Can we speak to this?

Seekers are those who seek "Truth".  We give them what we have.  We are faithful to the BIBLE.  We love to sing... Jesus loves me this I know, for the _____________ tells me so. You just lost them. They consider the Bible just another book written by men... like "The Secret, or something Depac Chopra wrote and pitched on Oprah.  Paul the Apostle ran into this in Athens. We now LIVE spiritually in Athens. 

There is a partial list of the questions they are asking.. what's really on their mind...even the pagan asks these questions.  This is a sample:

  •     Karma, is it real? It seems to be.
  •     What about reincarnation. Will I return after I die?
  •     Are there such things as Guardian Angels?
  •     Can evolution be explained simply as the "process" of God's work? Why or why not?
  •     Different religions and different people speak of "their" God as the only God. Isn't God one   and the same for all? Is there only One God, or are there various Gods fighting each other?
  •     What's the source of divine knowledge?
  •     How should I deal with people who don't understand my spiritual life?
  •     What are the universal laws of the universe? How did they come to be?
  •     What is the goal of our spiritual path? Can we really get there?
  •     What are angels...are they different? Will I become an angel after I get to heaven?
  •     Do we live on after we die?
  •     Is heaven really real?
  •     Does everybody eventually end up in heaven.  Is my mother there?
  •     What about hell? Is it real or just a myth.
  •     IF a baby dies, does it go to heaven or hell or somewhere else?

Sunday morning we might once again answer questions seekers aren't asking. This is what they are wondering about. Sure, I know the answer to these... so do you. BUT... what how to you bring the up and out in our communities from these inquires to the knowledge of the true and living GOD.  They are the ones gong to psychics, reading the new age books, consulting horoscopes, buying omens and talismen.  I see them in peoples homes.  They are hungry for TRUTH.  The Devil has fed them a lie.  Bondage.  It's time to get real.

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