Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Twinkling of an Eye - life ends - Suddenly with the Lord

Thinking about the events of the past week.  So many of those people who died in Boston and Texas were not warned.  Life changed. Ended.  In the twinkling of an eye.

We use this to talk about end times events.  The rapture. 

Yet, the fact is, that little 8 year old boy was in the twinkling of an eye, changed. 

We don't think this is how it will be.  Most of us see ourselves lying somewhere and stepping from time into eternity... gradually.  Family around us.

That's not how these people went.  They were in the body in this second and in the twinkling of an eye... suddenly... with the Lord.

Yesterday I had an accident with a power tool. I'm OK.  Yet... it happened so quickly that it reminded me of how the sudden life's end can be.  

We should be careful how we live for in a moment we do not suspect.. Jesus is there before us. 

That keeps up vigilant.. not for the clouds parting, but for our own departing.

In a twinkling...

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