Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spirit Stirring

There is a demon set to stir you up.  It is designed to distract deceive and discount what the Lord intends for you. 

This demon comes in many forms.  Some is bad news. Some is national news. Some is discouragement. 

Some is from other people.

The voices always stir you up. 

The Lord says, "I am a voice of peace, if you know my voice, I will comfort you.  Build up yourself in the Spirit". 

I know this because the past few days.. I have been stirred... wrongly. 


Anonymous said...

Sir I believe you where correct in your fluffy diagnosis.For those who would like to know why.
Go to blueletter punch in scoffers click on scoffers 1703 read tw scripture uses below click on g1702 read it click on G3816 read click on g5180 read scriptures on conscience After you read that pick up the book by rick joyner where he was shown an island if I remember correctly he was shown people eating drinking and playing the Lord backed up His presence from Him.He became jealous for the Lord you know prophets do that God shares feelings and emotions.He asked Jesus what this was short version most won’t make it. I thinlk? the book was the vision
Larry Randolph bob jones ricky skaggs james goll eyes and ears conference that Saturday 2011 mufrsoboro tennesee –you won’t find this posted anywhere to my knowledge(I was led to go I do not nor have I ever attended any since(not been led to) When Howard carter addressed the full gospel business mens convention clip at He dropped the mike weeping and couldn’t continue he told them look what you have done to the Apostles and Prophets with your church boards and committees and programs and can you point out anywhere church descions where made without prayer or prayer meetings.
Norvel hayes testimony Son please don’t st op casting out demons so many ministers are blessed in ministry and they stop casting out demons I want you to cast out demons. l Lord if you want me to cast out demons if that’s what you want you’ve got a bunch of rebellious children reply that doesn”t mean you have to be. 1Sa 15:23
Dereck prince quote so many get in the door thet just remain children and well the series is bend the church bow the world free on web.Other dereck prince quote simon the sorcerer offered to pay money for what the Apostles had if he walked into most churches today he wouldn’t give you a plug nickel.if I remember the last several decades of His life came a change in ministry do to this it’s a clip on u-tube
Dereck prince warns America
Warning To America 1987 by Lester Sumrall you tube
leonard ravenhill we don't know God youtube.
Kathryn kuhlman Why you must know God in person Him salvation is somebody free on web
Mariah woodworth etter teachings included sermons on don’t blapshpheme the Holy Spirit
Finney warned of hell to Christians and non Christians and people fell under such conviction they held on to the pillars crying out to God.
William booth did too there is a testimony by a man that new him to leonard ravenhill well worth listening to.the Wake up call by oral Roberts(was told we are out of time my church isn’t ready Israel isn’t ready but I have set an time) although he took it to Kenneth Copeland and he took it to billye brim a lot of scripture can be applied to this. John baver it’s on my I don’t have the series name tracks are a fit military chosen and appointed the time has come seven times greater. God desires relationship always has biblical comparison family of a King and Militant army recommended books free on web Lester summerall militant church and norvel hayes training cmap for the army of God. I do not know about doom and gloom the greatest tragedy to me would be to not count the cost that made it possible for Jesus to become our Lord as to peace He has left us His peace this is worth shouting about.But the prophet John probavly still has one of the greates messages for today Repent fotr the kingdom of heaven is at hand.Jesus himself said think not I have come to bring peace but a sword.God has been speaking for a long time but time has a limit.

Anonymous said...

The Command Of God
Posted by Yolanda Ballard on April 23, 2013 at 8:07am
Word submitted for your discernment
by Yolanda Ballard
Do only what I call you to do, and say only what I would have you to say for if you go beyond My perfect will in your life, you open yourself up to great danger. For there are ferocious wolves out and about ready to devour you. They are ready to pounce upon you at the drop of a hat. They are watching and waiting for you to get out of the range of protection that I have set up for you.
So I call you to My side like a great Shepherd who loves each and every one of His flock. I call you to intensify your devotion and service unto Me. I call you to warn you that if you leave My perfect will to do what you desire, you will open yourself up to great danger.
I am not calling you to fear your enemy, but to fear Me, to honor Me, and to obey Me alone. For when you develop that holy fear and reverence within you, you will not desire to come out of that realm I called you to. For if you stay by My side, you will be in the place of great protection, power and strength.
For you are seated with Me at the right hand of the Father, the place of all power and might, and I have placed the enemy under your feet if you stay under My authority. For you can only have authority over the enemy if you stay under My authority.
For I have called you "My called out ones", "My sanctified and set apart ones". Yes, you are holy in My sight, and I have called you to war against the evil one, to pull down strongholds over the land. Yes, to tear down the enemy's plans and to build up My plans, to sanctify and set apart those called to battle by preparing them to carry their sword with great might, to stand boldly behind My shield, to be covered securely with My armor.
yes, I go before you for I AM your Captain, and yes, I AM your Rear Guard. My angels protect you for many forever surround you. Do not fear for there are many more who are for you than they who are against you.
Who is Sovereign over the nations of the world? And yes, who is in control and victorious, and who paid the price and is King of kings and Lord of all lords? For yes, it is I, the Lord God Almighty, the Prince of Peace, Mighty Warrior! And if I lead you in the battle, who has enough power to be able to stand against you?
So hold your head high, be not afraid! You are a mighty conqueror with weapons of great power. Hide My word in your heart, and allow My love to flow, for greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world!
to me this rings true I think how about you? Stay close to Dad so you don't get had.