Monday, April 22, 2013

Fire against darkness

I have not said too much prophetically about the Boston Bombings. I know more than I am saying. I have let a few tid bits go out. There are more than you see. They were supposed to be cover for the boys. They left them to fend for themselves and left the area.. probably the country. To come back another day. There was supposed to be an extraction... but it never happened. Keep vigilant. Laws won't stop evil.. only Good. It works every time; turn the light on in a dark room and the light wins, darkness has to flee. That's what it will take here. The truth of Jesus will overcome, but only if the Light Shines.... that would be YOU and ME according to Jesus. They must not have had any christian witness in their lives. Or the Christian witness was anemic.. lukewarm, putrid. You are the ONLY light the world will ever see. The secular humanist flood now requires a standard to be lifted up. YOU are that standard. Rise up and be counted. Fire BRINGS LIGHT... be that

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Kathleen Blake said...

Something inside of me told me there is more to the bombings then we are being told. I pray to God all the truth comes out about this.