Saturday, April 27, 2013

Satan's Invisible Fence

Our neighbors have a new dog.  Rescue dog.  Rambunctious.

To keep her in check they installed an invisible fence.  You know, the kind with wires under the ground that when she gets too close a collar makes a sound and gives her a shock. 

I doesn't take very many shocks before she no longer will transit the flag marked territory within which she avoids pain.  Once in a while a squirrel or bird will appeal and she will run wildly toward the flagged perimeter.  BUT as the sound and shock come..she stops.  The prey escapes. 

What she doesn't know that IF she ran thru and suffered the momentary pain she would be free...

Satan does that.  He takes painful circumstances in your life and uses them to fence you in.  Certainly there are some things we need to know.  Don't stand in the middle of a freeway and don't jump into shark infested waters.  Those warnings come from sense.  It's the ones that are designed to keep you from becoming what God intended for you to become that are the most dangerous.  We hate the idea of pain.  AND satan has a way of making a sound in your ear as you come close to your breakthrough saying... watch out.  Be careful.  Don't go too far.  You know what happened last time. Pain reminders.

This invisible fence in your life will keep you from new relationships, new jobs, starting a business, moving to a new place, taking a stand against evil, speaking out, resisting peer pressure, going deeper in God and many other things you were destined to do that now you are stopped by the flags he puts up and his whispers in your ear.  The greatness you were designed to achieve in your life is buried with you at your death.  IF you had any vision at all about what you were to become... you would run thru that invisible fence, endure the momentary pain and break free.

When I saw the dog, free but bound... I knew this was a word for someone.


Anonymous said...

So what do you do if you have been in a battle for 8 years always taught God will heal so you forgave worked when the doctors told you you couldn't and chiropractors damaged you so much your physician told you can't handle winters here and yet your pretty sure God said don't move. as your flesh is torn your veins popped and your skin ripped bones out of place ect. looking for 4 years to your leaders who have no time for you and although good pastors and evangelists no prophets or Apostles to be found,people with true knowledge of spiritual warfare and giftings for their office and yet part of the last prophecy (I got was they say it can't be it's not so but I call who I call and I have called and chosen you from your mothers womb.Who are they to tell me!)
many had no time many more did not know how to react, some where stubborn and oh yes the Lord did use me prophetically and some scoffed others won't talk to me. still others capable of helping have no time to quote one oral Roberts is known for what he built and boy is he building.don't you know God works through church leadership from the pulpit and yet watching and hearing liberty of Spirit God wants to move through all so I just remain silent, There comes a point you can't work you have no insurance you've been in study for the last 6 or seven years you've dealt with occultists you've dealt with angels you've seen God confirm His word with signs and wonders creative miracles at the laying on of hands. being human I have made mistakes that's what repentance is for I remember God saying go to this church and have the minister anoint you with oil I go to the church I say Lord I will sit right here in the crowd you sent me have him come talk to me. Sure enough he does said the Lord brought me there I told him I needed anointed with oil I had been in a demonic battle for years his reply we see we have a guest speaker the guest speaker stops calls that pastor and his wife up says there is high level demonic warfare going on be careful I thought this is it, went to get anointed with oil he looked at me and walked around me and kept going. Next place sent to the Spirit of prophecy hits me church is under demonic attack involving occultists he by his own admission after my prophetic outburst concerning apostolic and prophetic offices being the foundation by which the church is ran turns pale white and starts shaking his head God had been dealing with him about an apostle for five years and he couldn't believe he didn't see the attacks on his church and people. he no longer even talks to me. God has promised to never let more come upon me than I can bear pain physical problems debt. being thrown into Gods permissive will time and time again able to help church after church and yet they refuse year after year and oh dear they do not understand its not me speaking most the time i'm just the horse they beat.but it doesn't bring good results for me so far at least in this life and don't get me started on their knowledge of doctorine which is so slanted many times you would think godliness entitles you to the worlds gain six foundational doctorines untaught little to no knowledge about the Holy Spirit nothing about picking up your cross unless it's to follow them. I'm tired man I know this word was probably for me i'm just so tired hurt and disappointed.

Jessica Blooms said...

Well as for me, I do believe in God. I believe he is just around. But I do believe in the practicality, and purpose of an invincible fence or any pet containment system. It's a matter of how you relate things to the real world. Yes its always preferable to do what is likable for both but sometimes we need to decide for the betterment of everybody.