Monday, April 29, 2013

When the Church and the World do NOT Intersect -- The Church's Unique Factor

If we see the world and Church missions duplicating efforts, it's not because the world is more and more like the church, but that the church is more and more trying to say to the world "ME TOO!!"

I have nothing against churches doing mercy work in the community, feeding the poor, clothing the hungry, visiting the imprisoned... as long at they are doing it FIRST to and FOR those in the fellowship of believers.  The world does this pretty well.  Some under the guise of quasi christian outreach.  Some that is purely government.   Professional mercy providers.  Counseling, Parole, WIC, SNAP, welfare, psychiatry, medicine, education and a hundred government programs who have used your taxes (should have been tithe money) to support those who present themselves as needy.

What then can and should the church be doing that the world (government) cannot or will not do??

The Church's Unique Factor is:
  • Offer eternal forgiveness of all sin by Jesus to the world
  • Offer a Holy Ghost given destiny by Prophecy
  • Tap into the Children's Bread to provide supernatural healing
  • Using the Power of God in delivering a person from demonic oppression
  • Give hope in the eternal purposes of GOD for people's LIVES
  • Save, rescue and restore broken families on the verge of destruction by supernatural means
  • Provide instruction in righteousness for Children who might otherwise be lost and worse
  • Offer the wisdom of GOD for a person who lacks a word in due season
  • Give them insight into the Father's heart for them in his revelation of care for them
  • Standing with someone in FAITH in the Creator of all the Universe for HIS WILL for them
  • Release of the Miraculous for people who desperately need a miracle
  • Help people discern deception when it comes... even from those they trust
  • Help people see heaven touching earth and what happens... so they say, "What does this mean?"
  • Providing an atmosphere that allows God to manifest over the efforts of any man.
  • Hope in a better tomorrow (no end time foolishness) and being ready to take part (Discipling)

In considering this list (and there can be much more) I have left out LOVE.  Not that it's not important, but the Love of God must be manifested in all these or it's not real and no better than the world.  OUR love will never save anyone.  God's Love saves alone.  We cannot love people into the Kingdom of God.  Most of this list NEVER happens in the church service.  It's why we would not be missed if our "Club" no longer met.

IF anyone wants to access any of what GOD has appointed the Church to provide, they must get it there, the world cannot and will not provide what God commissioned the Church to be and do.


Anonymous said... Scott many months ago I corresponded somewhat with this man who traveled with dereck prince for awhile.I can't see exactly eye to eye with him on certain things but his article on99.9% of pastors don’t get this…
is well worth reading at the bob jones larry Randolph and james goll eyes and ears conference Saturday evening 2011 this was talked about and the effect being God has set an order in the church gist being there is about to be a war between apostles prophets and pastors that want nothing to do with them that should not be running the churches technon and ethnos difference between children and sons and applications of churches being built with no foundational ministries.Apostles and Prophets do have a place there is coming a war so to speak.

Anonymous said...

You know on the note of the above mentioned article.I have seen more than a few prophecies that have stated you have not treated my sent out ones very well and others you have not treated my prophets very well. I think rick joyner mentioned the treatment of prophets last year and Christian harfouche and I actually remember seeing an article that said if you try to train an Apostle as a pastor its like putting a raging bull in a china shop its just the way they are made and another that said you might as well keep house pay for prophets off the table they are made to address what God says period and do not always go with the grain but against. If you don't leave room for them to grow and make mistakes and shut them up or refuse to acknowledge them God trained them to survive they will just go back out into the wilderness or be silent which is disaterous .That being said I wonder I had an evangelist tell me that travels the world I think the church is under judgement. To which I replied it is and it starts with the leaders many times in the old testament. Every minister in my opinion must be trained to handle rejection and persecution ultimately I believe submitting unto another as unto the Lord in the fear of the Lord with a one body mentality. Do you think God is judging or testing if you will His younger trainees by sending them to older ministries (credintials vrs no credintials)in hopes they discern the Body come into unity and seek the Lord but with pen in hand so to speak to see reactions from both sides? and make a descion so to speak.