Thursday, March 21, 2013


While I may not share his love for laws in the church, I find this interesting.  I do believe that Holiness is a key to revival.  Read this and see what you think:

It was probably 5 yrs. ago the Lord spoke to me and said,”The next and great revival will be a Holiness revival.”Immediately in my mind I pictured the old time Pentecostal Revival. Strictness about length of hair, a dress code, no TV and the list goes on and on. (Note) I still believe in those old Pentecostal by-laws. As these thoughts went through my mind, the Lord spoke and said it is not as you think.

This Holiness Revival will only come because I will take my people into myself—My Holiness—My Holy of Holies—My Glory. This will cause my people to live a Holy life. This will bring my people into worship in the spirit that is in me.

This will cause the fear of God, of my greatness. This will cause true love onto and into me. This will cause the death of flesh. This will cause sin to cease.

Please listen to the things that the Lord has shown me by keeping by-laws, commandments as a duty or rule or code without love is nothing more than putting lipstick, perfume & high heels on a pig. It is and was a waste of time. Why? That pig does not love that lipstick, perfume, a dress & high heels. The love of that pig will take it back into the slop that he loves. So we see it is worthless to make someone to keep laws, commandments, duties, rules, codes without love unto the Lord.

But on the other hand (If) one loves God with all their heart, all his soul, all his mind, all his strength, that person will keep and do all the strictness, length of hair, dress code laws and by-laws, codes, commandments, duties and rules. Because of true love, I truly believe the reason the church is not living a Holy life is because there’s no intimate relationship with the Lord, that is worship, in the Holy of Holies.

The statement that I’ve got to say is this; most of the so called church will mock at this message. Why? They don’t want no part of it. Why? They have chosen to love flesh and its desires.

Will you be part of this Holiness Revival? The Lord will pull on every last one of you and I. Will we yield? To live in the flesh and fulfill all the desires of the flesh and then expect the Lord to move in the spirit, is plain out stupid.

Signs, Wonders and Miracles only happen and come to pass when that person walks, hears, sees and worships in the spirit of the Holy Ghost, not walking, hearing and seeing and fulfilling the lust and desires of the flesh. The flesh must be crucified, how, by Holy hunger, prayer, fasting, his Holy word, praying in the spirit, that is to say praying in tongues, not in the flesh and to smother ourselves in worship music, not praise, and to seek out true worshipers of the Lord. Not fleshly so called Christians, and to totally, wholly, completely give ourselves and all that pertains as onto us, to the Lord. This will cause us to enter into an intimate love relationship even as Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha and other Holy men of God that move in the spirit of God with Signs, Wonders & Miracles, to prove the God of Abraham, Isaac,& Jacob is the True God. The Spirit of God says COME!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. I also pray and have a sense that the next great revival will be God declaring to his people 'be holy as I am holy'

His holy spirit is clean - and there is an unclean unholy spirit in so many Christian churches - and this unholy spirit is being called the holy spirit

God help us and forgive us for this deception.
I just hope he brings revival and not judgement.

Thank you and God bless..