Friday, March 15, 2013

From Dr. Matthew Stevenson

I feel a strong prompting to encourage Visionaries and Senior Leaders with the following principle. If you are a leader of leaders or one who has responsibility with raising people up, Don't ignore this. It could be a matter of life and death!

The pig, is historically seen as the most unclean and non discriminate beast of the entire realm of creation. Similar to rats, the pig has no regard for its consumption. It sees equal value in everything, as long as it pleases its own appetite. It gives no regard to how it appears, what it eats, the quality of its survival or anything else, and can only domestically and peaceably co-exist and partner, with its own kind. Slop, filth and large amounts of it, are what causes its happiness to peak. Other peoples food, materials and used matter is what satisfies its search and seek. Because of the swine nature, anything that is worth real value should never be given to them. The costly, the rare, the uncommon should never be invested in them or their living space, simply because the thing that you give them, even if you've spent your entire life or a large sum of money to pay for it, will find its fate, it the exact pile of slop, as the other things, the pigs have been accustomed to valuing, or not so much. All this to say, it makes you really measure your investments, disciples, proteges, and efforts to people really intently when you hear the words of our Lord, the master "Leader-Breeder" as He echoes to His initial students saying in Matthew 7:6

""Don't waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don't throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you."

If you have felt like you have been in the attack of the killer pigs, perhaps you should sow, teach, preach, counsel, invest, and make time for those that you know have a VALUE for your pearls. You have paid a heavy price for what rests on you, don't allow some irreverent, to make demands on you or your time for impartation and then attack you because they couldn't discern the thousands of pearls, you gave them the chance to reflect on and value. Let someone else raise up and tame pigs. LOVE THEM, but let them be somebody else s work. YOU....need to focus on your imperfect, immature, dysfunctional, yet COMMITTED disciples....THESE ARE THEY...that will turn the world upside down! The moral of the story is this...depending on your calling...Your mantle, will work in hostile environments and may even thrive when intense opposition rises against you, however your most POTENT release, will be to those who value what rests on your life and its place in their life. Redirect your energy, and delegate the rest!


Anonymous said...

I was told this last year do not cast your pearls before swine lest he trample them or give what is holy to the unholy.Thie person concerning that which was revealed to me I had known for several years was a giver talked of the love of God new all kinds of pastors as I prayed in tongues for a couple of days I heard break all soul ties and eventually it was revealed he did not hate Jesus he despised the cross and was a danger sometimes wolves appear as sheep and may even appear to be experienced in the gifts somewhat but eventually what should have been the power of God manifesting in their life isn't be careful!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Thank God for pastors that are confident called and not walking in a purely natural manner. Is the pastor supposed to or even equipped to train any other fivefold office???

As I have sought for someone more experienced than me to fellowship and learn from I asked a pastor who had ran two bible schools what a prophet does he said they prophesy and looked at me waiting for a response to which I replied Paul said we may all prophesy. He became extremely offended and if the Lord gave me something to tell him. Extremely insecure I didn't know ,I say this respectfully the zeal of the Lord hit me and his mail got read out loud he turned pale white. As I travel I sought the Lord and spoke with many ministers who really didn't know any prophets or none in my area around 100 radius. I would listen when other churches where to have prophets many times I had no witness after much study I learned many who can prophesy are told they are prophets and go into ministry. as I was sitting in the garage I was thinking of all the ministers telling me to write books because of the supernatural experiences battles trials and tests God had allowed.I about died 3 times I began to get a little upset that those who went before me didn't leave much info to go on. I asked why and it was if I heard very softly in the Spirit this is a very personal thing between the Lord and His prophets and to some degree intimate between the Lord and His prophets. Anyway I thought I would ask although some of my pastors staff tried to help He became angry they all acted funny and left me alone . meanwhile the Lord began dealing with me and a member of His family came and sat beside me and made it extremely clear not to talk about much there. Of three pastors I have confided in they have discussed my problems concerns and needs to others in their church and it was happening again I am sad to say there is more confidentiality with most the doctors I have had to see than 90% of ministers I have talked to .and even though that pastor had prophesied the call and battle I was in. They did nothing as I lost my apartment my job my insurance Ect. oh I take that back the pastor wanted me to pray about his church growth an angel of satan was stopping his program for building .I thought o.k. as I drove down the road the Lord spoke and said if you pray the way he told you it would be witchcraft wait. I didn't mean to write this much wether venting or for someone I do not know but the question still stands.

Anonymous said...

hey. it's me again I posted something about a year ago. After getting it cleared by two ministers
that out of love have no fear of correcting both Godly and anointed ministers. please don't post it on this website but you are more than welcome to view go to blog
and scroll down to where are the prophets I responded as I felt the Lord led me and after a little less than a month my two ministry friends said post it your well on your way to ministry (unfortunately neither lives anywhere near me but both are family)this is more for the auther and contributers of the website feel free not to post it here but I have been watching it play out for over a year

Anonymous said...

hey its me again when I sent you that link I may not. Have arranged my words right I would ask that no one else post that anywhere thank you God bless